How to own your salt and pepper hair

How to own your salt and pepper hair

Silverish hair, in the past, can give you a vibe of old age and poor health. Today, this concept did a completely 180-degree turn. Instead of what was the norm, we get a stylish, fabulous, and almost…classy feel.

Yes, we are talking about salt and pepper hair that’s trending right now. This article will discuss what is salt and pepper hair, how one can have salt and pepper hair, and how to maintain them.

What is salt and pepper hair?

Naturally, as we grow old, we start getting silver and white hair. It is a natural process in which hair starts losing its pigment, and eventually, all hair becomes white.

Artificially, you’ll often see people dying their hair this shade – mostly for cosmetic purposes.

In short, salt and pepper are characteristic shades of hair in which some part of the hair is silver, and some part becomes white, which is why the final tint is called salt and pepper.

Can anyone get their salt and pepper hair at home?

How to own your salt and pepper hair

Yes, we can get our salt and pepper hair at home, but it is essential to get an appointment with a professional colorist and hairdresser before heading forward.

It is a complex procedure that involves the bleaching and application of chemical products. Improper application of such products can make your hair prone to damage and, in some cases, cause hair loss. I always recommend consulting a professional hairdresser.

How to have salt and pepper hair?

Following these steps to have the awe-inspiring salt and pepper hair:

Hair cut from a good barber

The first and foremost step is getting a good haircut. It helps us to get rid of old rough hair so that new and fresh hair can get dyed. 

In most people, because of aging, having a haircut is just enough to get the desired color. But the younger population will have to follow several steps to have good quality dyed hair.

Don’t worry if you want long hair. Your hair will regrow naturally within a few months and there is always the possibility to use hair growth shampoos (like these 10) to get it even faster. 

Bleaching of hair

The next step is the use of a bleaching agent to make the hair pigment-free. It is also necessary in some cases because the previous color can affect the new tone of color and doesn’t give the desired result.

Before bleaching the hair, it is essential to wash the hair with shampoo. There are different bleaching agents available on the market, and we have to choose them wisely as inferior and inadequate quality agents can even lead to permanent hair loss.

Application of a good quality hair color

Now is a time to choose the desired shade to give your hair the perfect salt and pepper look. Many shades of silver are available in the market, but if we opt for salt and pepper hair, we have to choose only the recommended hair color of a specific code.

What are different shades of salt and pepper?

Nowadays, with the advancements in hair dyes, there are about ten to eleven different shades of salt and pepper are available:

  • Salt and pepper somber
  • Highlighted salt and pepper
  • Salt and pepper balayage
  • Natural salt and pepper look
  • Dirty salt and pepper look
  • Ashy salt and pepper look
  • Salt and pepper ombre
  • Salt and pepper with neon yellow
  • Salt and pepper with black roots
  • Salt and pepper with graphite tone
  • Salt and pepper baby lights

It is recommended to consult a colorist about this. The choice of good quality hair color is also necessary to have a long-lasting and visually appealing shade of hair. As a board-certified dermatologist, I can only safely recommend L’Oreal Paris products. Their products are widely available, tried and tested by millions, and have no known negative effects.

But that’s not to say that all other dyes are bad, it’s just not as widely available or popular that I can recommend. At the end of the day, your professional hairdresser can point you in the right direction.

Hair dye should remain on the hair for about thirty minutes.

Application of anti-yellow shampoo to maintain the silver tone.

The application of hair color and bleaching is enough to give your hair the salt and pepper appearance, but we must also apply anti-yellow shampoo.

The main principle behind this is to remove the specific yellow tint from your hair and give them a purple-blue hue. Yes, it is essential. Though many people don’t feel interested in this, you have gone through this step if you want accurate, best results.

(Optional) Waxing the hair

How to own your salt and pepper hair

After the proper coloring of the hair, we have to wax them with a good quality gel so that it has a matte or glossy finish. It is essential to use a good quality hair gel to increase the life span of the hair.

Comb your hair right after the wax so that you can style them easier.

How to maintain your salt and pepper hair?

If we care, they last. The following steps should be kept in mind so you can extend the lifetime of your color:

  • Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner
  • Comb your hair not so hard
  • Avoid using substandard hair products
  • Follow a good diet to promote hair growth
  • Take supplements as required
  • Apply aloe vera or onion juice on the hair once a week
  • Oil your hair with coconut oil once a week


What was considered a sign of aging is now becoming a new trend. Salt and pepper hair comes in different shades for more flexibility and originality.

It is essential to consult your barber regarding the process as improper technique can be hazardous for your hair.

Lastly, follow the tips mentioned to ensure you not only get the hair color safely but also maintain it for an extended period.


  1. I’ve been finding more and more in my hair lately, and I’m leaving them there. I earned them, lol.

  2. I got my first white hair at 19. I am in my early 50s and my hair is still mainly brown but has a ton of gray. I wear it proudly and get a lot of compliments about it….many asking who did my hair! lol

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