The majority of us fancy a hot cup of tea from time to time. Some ingredients in tea make it the perfect natural stimulant to help you kick start your day. However, there are many tea options out there claiming to be good and healthy for you. Some even claim to help you with weight loss while lowering your cholesterol. How can you actually validate such statements? To help you wrap your head around the healthiest tea options, we consulted a certified nutritionist to help us compile the following information.

Which Tea is the healthiest?

What is the ‘Healthiest’ tea?

To understand what healthy tea is, the word healthiest is probably not the best word to use. Most tea options such as green, white, and black tea, and pukka tea are derived from the beautiful leaves of Camellia Sinensis. What differs is the production method used in the manufacturing process. 

So, what constitutes as healthy is the tea’s antioxidant capabilities. The experts from essay writing services also decided to investigate this peculiarity. That said, the production method used in the making of different tea options will ultimately result in varying levels of antioxidants. Take white tea, for instance. It is considered the ‘healthiest’ because of its high antioxidant levels. What many people do not know is that white tea is the least processed tea from the other lot. Going by the antioxidant principle, white tea is the ‘healthiest’ tea option followed by Chen Sheng Hao‘s pu erh tea, jasmine tea, green tea, and lastly black tea. 

Each tea will have different levels of caffeine, theanine and magnesium.  Theanine is what makes you feel ‘drunk’ after taking tea. Depending on your body and underlying conditions, you might react differently to all these elements. People with ‘caffeine genetics’ may be able to comfortably take tea in large amounts. In contrast, others may not have that luxury. So, be sure to check that out before you settle for a tea option deemed as healthy. 

Another common phrase people dish out in regards to tea is the ability to help you lose or maintain a healthy weight. First of all, people are better off maintain their weight by accurately eating the right amount of calories per day. If you are in a caloric surplus, you are likely to gain weight even if you consume a healthy tea option. 

With that said, numerous studies have shown that both green and black tea have a positive impact when it comes to maintaining your overall health and wellness.  

Health Benefits of Tea

  1. Frequent consumption of tea helps you focus and concentrate. You will perform cognitive functions when you take tea frequently. 
  2. Tea is a great substitute for other beverages. This is because it contains zero calories which help you to maintain your weight. 
  3. Studies have shown that two to three cups of tea can improve or maintain cardiovascular functions. 
  4. Additionally, studies have linked lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels to black tea consumption. 

No matter your choice of tea, these healthy beverages will help you improve or maintain your overall health. In fact, when coupled with a balanced diet and exercise, tea can become part of a healthy lifestyle. 

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