4 Security Upgrades Your Home Needs

4 Security Upgrades Your Home Needs

Everyone has a different opinion on what a home should be, but everyone can agree that your home is somewhere that should feel safe to you. You can’t live comfortably if you’re constantly worried that someone is able to get into your house when they are uninvited. No one should have to deal with that, which is why you should look into ways to make your home safer and more protected from intruders.

While it might be expensive to invest in such security, it’s a worthwhile investment that will make your home living much more comfortable. You can rest assured that your home is safe from any unwanted guests, and won’t have to worry about every creak you hear in the night!

Reinforcing glass doors

Glass doors for gardens are quite popular, however, they have a lot of people feeling unsafe. The glass doors are a lot more vulnerable than solid, locked doors, and you can easily solve that insecurity! Secureview screens allow you to make your glass doors much more secure, without obstructing your view! Having to cover them up would be a hassle, and updating them to thicker glass can be very expensive – meaning your best option financially would be to cover them with a secure mesh that doesn’t affect your view too much!

Updating your locks

If your home has been using the same locks for a long time, it might be quite vulnerable to those who want to enter without being invited. Not only are they easier to access than modern locks, but they’re not as strong. You want something that’s going to keep your door shut no matter what, and there are a lot of solutions to this.

You want to make sure that the kind of lock you have has been tested against different kinds of burglar techniques. Knowing that your door is secure is yet another reason you should feel safe when you’re home.

Don’t leave your keys open

A lot of people keep backup keys somewhere outside their house just in case they need to get in and haven’t got their keys, or when someone they trust needs to gain access when they’re unable to get to the door for whatever reason. You can get secure containers for your keys that require a code to unlock, or you could find a very secure place to stash them. Just make sure no one sees you placing it, else you might find your home to be more vulnerable as a result!

Doorbell camera

Having cameras around the home is a great way to improve security, and a doorbell camera is a great example of that. You can check in on it any time with your smartphone, and even get notifications when it’s rings or someone has come to your door. You’ll know about anyone who interacts with your home and won’t have to worry that your home has been messed with while you were out. Having such easy access to the cameras can give you that extra peace of mind.

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  1. Hi There. Thanks for the great article. I’ve recently invested in smart/electronic locks for my security doors which are keyless and can be controlled from my smartphone. They’re even stronger than standard triple locks and allow me to grant access to people when I’m not home. Highly recommended!

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