4 “Small” Issues Health That Have The Potential To Pack A Punch

4 "Small" Issues Health That Have The Potential To Pack A Punch

Your body isn’t a machine and it will break down from time to time. When it does, it’s easy to pass off the condition or issue as small and insignificant. A cold will pass in time, and achy muscles will recover after you’ve slept it off.

While this is true in many cases, it’s vital to understand the difference between little health problems that you can live with, and the ones that highlight underlying issues. If you can’t, you could let a potentially powerful ailment slip under the radar and cause some serious damage.

For your information, you’ll find four small health problems underneath that have the potential to pack a punch. If any of these are familiar, you should speak to a doctor.


Tinnitus is an annoying ringing or buzzing sound in your ear. According to the research, nearly 15% of the American public have or have experienced tinnitus in the past. This equates to around fifty million people. While it mostly goes away of its own accord, this doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. Typically,  professional hearing testing is necessary since tinnitus can grow worse and become debilitating, or it can lead to permanent ear damage. Once your eardrum and canal are beyond repair, you could lose function in one or both ears.

4 "Small" Issues Health That Have The Potential To Pack A Punch

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Peeing Regularly

Going to the toilet is no big deal. After all, you drink quite a lot of water and coffee, the latter being a natural diuretic. Of course, it’s tempting to pass your passing of water off as a result of your healthy routine, yet it probably isn’t true. You need to drink a couple of liters daily (3.7), and the average person consumes around half. A massive 80% say they don’t, which means you’ve got a two in ten chance that there’s nothing to worry about. The key is to analyze the color. If it’s dark and angry, it may be a sign of diabetes or early urinary incontinence.

Feeling Blue

There isn’t a bigger euphemism known to man than “feeling blue.” What you actually mean when you say this is that you’re down and a little depressed, and that’s a big deal. After all, science has proven the impacts of mental health on everything from your quality of life to life expectancy. Not being at your best happens, particularly when you’re tired, but there’s a difference between feeling fatigued and constantly being in a bad mood. If you’re “blue” for days and weeks on end, you need to see a therapist.

 4 "Small" Issues Health That Have The Potential To Pack A Punch

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Not everybody has a robust body that can withstand everything life throws at it. Bruises are part of life from an early age, with little boys and girls experiencing them regularly. However, it’s the types of bluey, purple patches of skin that you should keep an eye on as they may indicate something sinister. Clusters of them around the spine and back area can be symptoms of sepsis or leukemia, while rashes and spots symbolize meningitis.

Have you experienced any of the issues in the past, or do you suffer from them now?

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