4 Ways to Take Advantage of Essential Oils in Your Home

4 Ways to Take Advantage of Essential Oils in Your Home

4 Ways to Take Advantage of Essential Oils in Your Home

Essential oils can be a fun and trendy thing to have in your home. They can also have a lot of practical applications that make them valuable to own. If you have oils that you don’t know what to do with, or if you’re thinking about buying some, consider these four ways that they can be put to good use.

 1. Diffusers

 Diffusers are devices that release essential oils into the air, helping their aroma to spread throughout your home. Many of them do this by mixing the oil with water vapor and can add some extra humidity to the air while doing so, but there can also be water-free options. Diffusers are available in a variety of attractive designs and some even have built-in speakers and lights, making them a fun decoration to place on a coffee table, shelf, or bed stand.

2. Laundry

 Adding a few drops of essential oil to laundry just before you wash it can give it a fresh, naturally clean scent. This can work especially well with homemade laundry detergent. If you’ve never tried making your own detergent, you can find lots of different recipes online to help you get started.

Being able to use your own oils to give your clean laundry your favorite smell can be fun and using homemade detergent may even be cheaper than buying store-bought detergent. If you prefer store-bought detergent, you may still be able to add oils, but you should test it on a small, unimportant load of laundry first to ensure that the effects are what you want.

3. Baths

 If you enjoy taking long baths, then essential oils can be a great way to make bathing even more relaxing. Almost any essential oil can be used safely in a warm bath. The soothing scents of oils can be great for de-stressing at the end of a long day. About four to six drops should be plenty to use in a normal sized bathtub. Before using any oils in your bath, you should make sure that you aren’t allergic to them.

4. Deodorizer

 Having a natural way to freshen the air in your home can be extremely convenient. Essential oils can be useful for all kinds of deodorizing tasks. You can dilute them with water or homemade cleaners to deodorize your carpet or other areas inside your house. They can be especially useful in places that are sometimes hard to work with, such as the inside of your car. You should find that there are lots of oils that are strong enough to give you a clean, fresh smell without being too overpowering. Oftentimes, combinations of different oils can give you especially pleasant results.

Enjoying Essential Oils

 With all the different ways you can use essential oils, they can make a great addition to your list of household supplies. It can be a lot of fun to try all the different kinds of essential oils in order to find the ones that you like best. More than just a trendy thing to have, they can help make common household chores much more enjoyable.


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