5 Anniversary Gift Ideas for a Woman Who’s Hard to Shop For

5 Anniversary Gift Ideas for a Woman Who’s Hard to Shop For

I understand that when the time comes for anniversaries, birthdays, and gift-giving holidays, I am not the easiest person to shop around for. When my husband asks me “What would you like for this occasion?” I often reply with a sincere shrug and say, “I have no idea.” Of course, I end up coming up with some ideas after that less-than-enlightening conversation, but I’ve found it easier to be proactive and thoughtful ahead of time this year.

Here are five gifts that I, and I imagine many other women, would like to receive for an upcoming anniversary.

A Set of Champagne Flutes

I love my bubbles and it makes me feel a bit fancy to drink my champagne out of a real champagne flute. Anniversaries call for a special drink sometimes, don’t they? So why not celebrate over a nice dinner, a glass of your favorite champagne, and some beautiful flutes to complement the occasion? There are flutes made of different materials and they’re available in a whole array of colors, so you’re bound to find something that suits the lady in your life’s tastes.

Diamond Earrings

There’s a reason why diamonds are such a timeless, classic, and well-loved gift to give and receive. Shiny stones of the utmost clarity speak volumes about love and devotion while making the receiver’s smile shine nearly as brightly. Diamond earrings are available in so many shapes, colors, and styles that there is something to suit every person’s individual tastes. I can’t think of a gift that leaves a bigger statement of love than diamonds.

A French Press

Who doesn’t love a cup of flavorful, eye-opening coffee? I know that when I brew a cup or a pot, I am trying to get the most flavor out of these precious coffee beans possible. French presses are well-known for delivering the highest-quality flavor of coffee and will make anyone feel like a sophisticated barista in their own kitchen.

Jewelry Storage

I like practical gifts that I will use for years. Jewelry boxes have long been a favorite item of mine. They look gorgeous, come in all sizes, and can store my most precious baubles so that they don’t get lost or tangled up. A beautiful jewelry box, complete with a custom engravement or photograph on top, is a beautiful, practical, and romantic way to let your lady know that you’re thinking of her. It is also something that she can look at and think of you with a smile every morning.

A Luxurious Bathrobe

I like to feel pampered every now and then, and nothing adds more to that ultra-luxe feeling of a spa day at home better than your own personal bathrobe. There are thousands of prints and many different materials that bathrobes are made of. You can opt for something silky and sexy or something fluffy and warm after the shower. Whatever you want, there’s a bathrobe to fit your style.


  1. Cool ideas! A must to check out is a Dreamlines wedding dress sketch. My hubs gave me a sketch of my wedding dress. The detail was just stunning! Just amazing!

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