5 Tasks To Do In The New Year

5 Tasks To Do In The New Year

Hello, 2020! It’s a new year and a new decade (crazy, right?!) and I am ready to get the party started. Each year, I make a list of things that I need to do in the new year. This list usually contains a few fun things that I want to do, a few things that I need to do (pretty immediately), and a few things that I probably should do, but there is really no rush to get them done. I love making this list each year because it’s a bit more flexible than a traditional new year resolutions list and you are able to just check them off as you go along in the new year. Here are a few tasks that I am putting on that list to knock out this year. I hope that this inspires you to make a checklist of your own!

5 Tasks To Do In The New Year

Knock Out Your Resolutions

Speaking of resolutions, let’s knock them out! Now, I know that this might take time, especially if you have a goal of getting fit and/or losing weight, but there is never a better time to start than this very moment. The more time that you let get away from you without starting towards achieving your goals or resolutions, the harder it will be to actually meet them at the end of the year. So, for example, if you do have a goal to get in better shape, why don’t you start researching fitness activities now? As soon as you find one that interests you, set up a time to try it out. If you are not sure what interests you, maybe check out Classpass. Classpass is a really cool app – you choose a monthly subscription that gives you points, or credits. Then, you can use your credits (or points) at exercise studios around your area. This means that you do not need to join one specific gym to meet your fitness goals (especially when you do not know what you are into yet). Instead, you can try a bunch of different classes as see what you enjoy most. Maybe you enjoy studio hopping, or maybe you find a studio or gym that you really love and decide to just join for the year. Either way, starting to research gyms and classes in your area (or checking out Classpass) is a great way to get started if you have a fitness goal on your resolution list.

Stay Organized

5 Tasks To Do In The New Year

This year, I am determined to stay organized. It can be easy to get overwhelmed, but if you stay organized, write down a to-do list each day or week, and check off your completed tasks, it will become much easier. Also, a goal of mine is to declutter my life, starting with my home. We have way too many things – things that we will never use – and it is time to clean it all out and get rid of the stuff. Reducing your clutter and getting organized will help reduce your stress load a ton.

Focus on Work

I have many professional goals this year, especially when it comes to this blog. If you have a work goal like me, make sure you are giving it a lot of attention so that you are able to reach whatever your goal might be!

But not too much…

Achieving a professional milestone is exciting, but it can be stressful getting there. You obviously need to focus a lot on work, especially if you are trying to go higher up within your career, but make sure that you are not focusing too much on it. Instead of being constantly consumed with work, balance out your time with family, friends, and things that relax you/things that you enjoy. In order to not get burnt out, you need to find balance within your life — while still achieving your goals at the same time!

Do Any Needed Home Projects

5 Tasks To Do In The New Year

Last but not least, I have quite a few home projects to start that are on my to do list this year. I cannot do it all, though, especially while trying to check off my new year’s resolutions and do other needed tasks, as well. But, I still need to get this home projects done, so I am going to hire people to help me out. Hiring out my tasks will not only give me more time to spend with my family and myself, but it will also ensure that the projects are done the correct way – by professionals. One of the tasks that I need to do (when it comes to my home) is having the exterior of my home spruced up. Peach State Pressure Wash is going to help me with that. Offering gutter cleaning in Atlanta, window washing services, and pressure washing services, as well, Peach State Pressure Wash is the go-to company in Atlanta, GA when it comes to exterior home cleaning services. 

For gutter cleaning specifically, they say, “Gutter cleaning is one of the home maintenance tasks you cannot afford to forego if you want your drainage system to work properly. Given the harsh winter we experience here in Atlanta, regular gutter cleaning is a must to avoid clogging of the gutters. Failing to clean your gutters regularly means they’ll accumulate leaves and debris, resulting in problems such as water damage to your foundation, moldy walls, and leaks. At Peach State Pressure Wash, we provide unmatched gutter cleaning services in Atlanta to get your gutters clean and free-flowing. When our specialists are on the job, you can rest assured that the work will be completed in a timely manner. Our highly trained gutter cleaners will show up with the right equipment and tools for the job. You can trust our detail-oriented gutter contractors to inspect and clean each part of your gutters to perfection. Cleaning gutters on your own is not an option since the process is physically demanding and possesses an element of risk when climbing tall ladders. At Peach State Pressure Wash, we will not only clean your gutters to perfection, but we will also collect and dispose of the debris we remove from the gutters.” 

Peach State Pressure Wash is licensed and insured, they use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and advanced equipment + techniques to capture runoff, ensuring pollutants and toxins do not end up in water sources, and they deliver impeccable results in a timely and affordable fashion.

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