Wall Art Ideas to Make Your Home More Stylish This Summer

Wall Art Ideas to Make Your Home More Stylish This Summer

Wall Art Ideas to Make Your Home More Stylish This Summer

Nothing pulls a room together like some stylish wall art to fill an open space. Changing up the art is also a great way to change the look and feel of a room without spending a lot of time redesigning and painting, or breaking the budget

For an easy design project this summer, look into shaking up things with some new wall art. Here are some of the best wall art ideas to make your home more stylish.

Get a Custom Portrait Painted

The era of stock photos and prints are a thing of the past. Instead, make your house a home with a custom painting by a professional artist. You can choose to recreate a photo of your favorite vacation spot in a stunning watercolor piece or have your furbaby turned into a renaissance oil painting like this one from Instapainting.

Custom portraits are a nice twist on the traditional gallery wall. Have your favorite family photos recreated to create an assortment of multiple photos. If you have old pictures that aren’t great quality or predate the digital era, you can also have these timeless treasures turned into paintings as well.

Go Oversized

A nice alternative to the arrangement of smaller photos that have become so popular over the last decade is to create one focal point with oversized art. Source a photo that fills the entire blank wall. Choose something that complements the overall theme of your home, whether it’s a beachy scene or some dramatic, abstract art. 

For a unique, modern effect, choose a triptych rather than a single piece. A triptych is a set of three panels that display one common theme or painting, but adds space and texture to a room in the way a painting can’t. This has a particularly enchanting effect if colors within the piece match the wall behind them.

Kids Art

Forget posting your child’s favorite art pieces on the fridge. Instead, upcycle old frames from the local thrift shop or dollar store to create an art gallery of their pieces as the focal point of the room. Not only does this add a fun, whimsical effect to a family home, but it also empowers your child to feel as though their hard work is worth being framed.

For a fun, seasonal effect, “hire” your kids to create bespoke pieces for various times of the year. Start with summer photos of the beach, palm trees, and sunsets. Have them swap out the pages with drawings of goblins and ghouls for Halloween and snowmen for the winter months. Keep the rest in a journal when they’ve been retired.

Abstract Objects

Wall art doesn’t have to consist of photography or other paper mediums. Use objects as an alternative to images for an abstract, modern wall art display. The summer is a perfect time to arrange oversized flowers and straw hats or an assortment of different sized upcycled mirrors to capture the natural light and brighten the room.

This is another idea that has seasonal applications or could be changed regularly. Add a few floating shelves into the mix and display your favorite books or collection of old cameras. Swap out the summer hats for potted plants and twinkle lights. Once the hardware is installed, you can recreate the room any time you want.


Tapestries are a gorgeous way to pull a room together, adding dimension and texture when displayed as wall art. They’re also an affordable option for those looking to redecorate on a limited budget. Boho-inspired tapestries are great for summer, especially when highlighted by potted greenery. Mount directly to the wall with hardware or install a stylish bamboo hanger to finish the look.

When it comes to wall art, there’s a lot of different ways to showcase your personality and set your home apart from everyone else’s. Get creative and choose one of these versatile looks to make your home more stylish this summer.

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