Grey is the New Black: How to Use Shades of Gray in Interior Design

Grey is the New Black: How to Use Shades of Gray in Interior Design

White and beige have been considered the industry standard for so long, that it’s no surprise that many homeowners have grown tired of them. There’s a reason why these two colors fit any room, any style, and design, and were used so excessively. Fortunately, there’s a new trend in town leaning towards grey.

Many homeowners associate this color with depression, monotony, and other negative feelings, you’ll be surprised when you see how well it fits into any room and complements stylish living room furniture. It goes well with silver finishes and comes in different shades including smoke grey, light grey, and others. Read on to learn how grey furniture can complement your home.

Shades of Grey

There are two types of gray that stand out in terms of interior design: cool and warm. Cool grey colors are recognizable by their blue undertones, while warm grey (you guessed it) has yellow or brown undertones.

Cool grey fits perfectly with natural stone, nickel, and pure white trim, while warm grey complements natural wood, brass, gold, and designs that favor bricks.

You need to be aware of the various nuances of the undertones before buying grey furniture as well to make sure it fits well with the wall color, focal points, lighting, and other elements of your interior design.

Once you pick out the ideal undertone, you can mix different shades of grey from the same family to create an ideal color scheme for any room.

Using Grey in Your Living Room

You can find a variety of sofas, chairs, tables, and other living room furniture pieces in stores such as Skylar’s that will be a perfect fit for your living room. You can mix the grey with colors such as white, black, beige, or brown. Grey can make a modern living room look stylish and give a traditional living room design a modern edge. It works great with darker metals, natural wood, industrial fixtures, and concrete.

Using Grey in the Bedroom

Grey is the New Black: How to Use Shades of Gray in Interior Design

Despite any prejudice you might hold, grey is an amazing choice for any bedroom. Although less frequent than in the living room, you can still find grey bedroom sets including the dresser, the bed, and nightstands. If you prefer a traditional approach, you can use natural wood for these elements and spice them up with grey drapes, rugs, and bedding.

Using Grey in Your Kitchen

The best way to use grey in your kitchen is to get grey kitchen cabinets or refurbish your old ones. Grey is an ideal match for stainless steel appliances and will make your kitchen more modern and stylish.

Similarly, you can use grey in your dining room to complement the painted wood and metal components of your tables and chairs. Warm grey works great with nickel and bronze. If you prefer to use grey as an accent, you can give your kitchen a bold look by using grey linens, decorations, and table runners. Paired with a traditional kitchen design and color scheme, these elements will give your kitchen a significant aesthetic boost.

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