6 Tips to Stay Motivated During the HCG Diet

6 Tips to Stay Motivated During the HCG Diet

6 Tips to Stay Motivated During the HCG Diet

Whenever you set a goal for yourself, it needs your 100% dedication, hard work, and determination to be completed. Absence of any of these things could result in incompletion of your task or incompetent results. This theory is applicable in every area of your life, be it your education, career, or any other project you take up.

For an obese or an unhealthy person, their weight loss journey also requires the same amount of energy and attention. Whatever goal you set for yourself, it would be completed only when you give your 100% to it. Physical workout and an excellent diet plan are not the only two things which will give an efficient result; mental strength is also very important to help you achieve it.

If you are planning to start your weight loss journey with the HCG diet plan, then you should be prepared for it; mentally and physically. Although it adds to your motivation if you start the diet with someone else in your family but the scenario is highly unlikely. Self-motivation and determination are the only things which will keep you company till the end of your journey.

It is easy to kick off the journey with full excitement and motivation but it is very difficult to maintain that zeal, especially during the third phase of your diet. Here are some tips and tricks to boost your motivation level so that you can complete your goal with full enthusiasm:  

1.  Be prepared for what’s coming:

Before you start your weight-loss journey, it is important to be fully prepared for whatever is coming next. Your journey will not always involve excitement; you will face hardships which will require your full mental strength. You should make a plan or write down ways to overcome those obstacles before you start your diet. Dropping numbers on the weighing scale is a natural motivation; real determination is needed when your weight is stuck and refuses to go down. That is when your patience is tested and motivation is required.

  2.  Read or listen to people’s journey:

Knowing people’s success stories is one of the best ways to keep you motivated during the course of your diet plan. If you personally know someone who has done this diet, talking to them can give you a lot of emotional and mental support. If you do not know someone personally, then you can use the internet to find people who have been through this. There are many bloggers who post their videos or write about their HCG journey. You can go through those videos and articles to keep yourself motivated throughout your journey.

3.  Experiment with your food:

There is a very restricted calorie intake when you are on the HCG diet plan. Limited calorie intake also implies the consumption of a limited variety of food. You can visit to check what you can and cannot eat. Getting bored from eating the same thing every day can be very demotivating. So you should make sure to do your best with whatever you can eat. Experimenting with your food will keep you interested in your diet and not get bored.

4.  Write your goals:

Writing about your goals or marking them on your calendar or pin-board is a great source of motivation. It is like a constant reminder to your own self. Writing your goals every day will give you short targets and help you to challenge your own strength. In case of a meltdown, going through the marked calendar and journal will help you to remember the reason why you first started with this weight loss journey.

 5.  Cope with stress:

Not coping with stress in the right manner is one of the biggest reasons for being overweight. Now that you are working on losing that weight, it is very important to eliminate those reasons which lead to it. Find things which relax you when you are anxious or stressed out. Writing about it in your journal, listening to good music, going out with friends, talking about it to your family are some of the best ways to deal with stress and not let it get into the way of your HCG diet plan.

6.  Reward Yourself:

Rewarding yourself for small accomplishments to reach a bigger goal is another great way of encouraging your own self. Do not give in and gift yourself a cheat day because that will ruin all your hard work and dedication. Divert yourself and shop for all the things which will look beautiful on you once you lose weight. Be it the cute dress you spotted a month ago or a beautiful pair of jeans you saw online.

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