7 Kinds Of Flowers That Can Achieve A Shabby Chic Vibe

7 Kinds Of Flowers That Can Achieve A Shabby Chic Vibe

Many homeowners love incorporating fresh flowers into their home’s interiors simply because of their fragrance and beautiful features. They’re easy on the eyes and never fail to uplift the atmosphere of any home. Despite having many artistic and unique home decorations, displaying some floral arrangements will give your home that shabby chic vibe you’ve always wanted.

While the holidays are fast approaching, you need to prepare your home with decorative elements that celebrate the season. Bringing a touch of fresh petals and greens into your living space can allow everyone in the household to feel more festive and joyful. 

Here are some versatile kinds of flowers you can use to achieve a shabby chic interior look:

7 Kinds Of Flowers That Can Achieve A Shabby Chic Vibe

  1. Chrysanthemums

Depending on geography, early bloomers of chrysanthemums start in September, and the late ones appear their blooms a month after. These autumn flowers could be anyone’s go-to in terms of decorations, floral centerpieces, and even as thoughtful presents to loved ones and friends. These floral blooms also extend their use for wintry festivities like the holidays. 

Whatever color you’d go for, their gorgeous color schemes can target any home’s interior color palette, perfectly matching hues of green, red, yellow, white, purple, and orange. With these precious flowers, you can add some extra flair and achieve a rustic feel for your home’s holiday theme.

  1. Peonies 

There are only a few flowers more popular than peonies. Aside from being excellent for everyday arrangements, they’re also great for bridal bouquets and centerpieces. They elevate any home’s interiors and usually garner the center of attention.

Peonies can be your chosen floral pieces if you want to achieve a more feminine and chicer vibe for your interiors. These flowers symbolize honor, romance, beauty, and love. They can be added alongside other kinds of flowers to make beautiful bouquets and arrangements. Accentuate them in tall jars or glass vases, and you’ll have beautiful decor in an instant.

  1. Anthurium

This sun-loving plant thrives in high humidity, perfect for your home if you live in a warmer climate. These bright, crimson blossoms and deep-green leaves give off a holiday vibe, yet they can also work as perfect gifts for valentines, anniversaries, and other occasions. These tropical flowers are outstanding decorative elements on an empty table. Let your rustic-themed home have better indoor air quality, thanks to the air purifying features of these lovely floral stems.

  1. Amaryllis

Amaryllis blooms can be planted and cared for as indoor plants. While some bloom from March to May, some are ready for use in the fall season. Because of its rich red color, it can have a multitude of uses. They’re the perfect addition to your traditional Christmas home setting because of their bold red color. These are also popular flower additions to wedding bouquets and arrangements. They’re trumpet-shaped and enormous, making them look unique and eye-catching.

Since these flowers are easy to take care of, some individuals give them indoor plants to friends and families. Amaryllis also retain their beauty for a considerable amount of time. Blooms last around seven weeks, so they’ll look stunning throughout the holiday season and beyond. This is one of the reasons why they’re perfect floral gifts as they can withstand long days in a vase filled with some water.

  1. Red Roses 

People send flowers to their special someone, and red roses are the most popular floral gifts on Valentine’s Day. However, these flowers are useful for pretty much any occasion. Symbolizing love, romance, and sacrifice, red roses are effective ways of expressing personal emotions to your special someone. However, they’re also perfect as a shabby chic decoration for your home’s interiors. With their vivid and powerful red color, you can achieve any theme you want.

If you intend to use them as holiday decorations, add greens and foliage, and red roses will work amazingly for Christmas themes. Table centerpieces with red roses bring a vibrant pop of color to your dining table. Cut red roses can last in a vase for quite some time with proper care. They’re great as gifts, decorations, and even famous for wedding bouquets too.

  1. Cyclamen 

Winter is the time to see cyclamen bloom. Perfect as birthday presents or gifts for other occasions, they serve diverse purposes. They’re capable of making your home instantly chic too. Their minimalistic design makes it great as your bedside table decoration. They come with green leaves, so you can take advantage of their petals and leaves as an entire decorative package.

Cyclamen are perfect when they’re contained in tiny flower pots. Their stems are only four to six inches, so they look best in shorter and smaller pots. These decorative flowers are perfect for elevating your home’s interiors. Just like houseplants, they de-stress your home and purify the air.

  1. Poinsettia 

Poinsettias are one of the most iconic Christmas plants. They’re rich in red and green foliage, which is why they evoke the holiday vibe. They bloom around October to December, making them perfect floral decorations in the autumn and winter season. While they have many colors such as pink, white, and other varieties, red can be a bold statement for your home’s interior design.

Poinsettias differ from other flowers in several ways. One fact is that the petals you see are the upper leaves of the plant. Their real flowers are yellow or green, and they’re very tiny, which are often hidden throughout all the other leaves. Incorporate red poinsettia in your home’s decorations to achieve that rustic feel.


Flowers increase energy inside your home while purifying the air and enlightening the atmosphere. If you’re eager to add them as decorative elements, the different flower species mentioned above will never fail to elevate your home’s aesthetics.

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