Unique FEBE Candles Gifts 2021

If you love gold glam and great scented candles, you’re going to love FEBE Candles.  Their wonderful scents are packaged in gold glam jars and they make great Christmas gift ideas.  They’re also perfect for pick-me-up mood boosters for yourself.

What’s so unique about FEBE Candles is that they’re made with coconut wax and hand-poured in small batches with delightful unique fragrances and essential oils. They come ready for gift giving and even the tins look like presents themselves.

Unique FEBE Candles Gifts 2021

They offer unique scents such as morning cartoons which are three layers of scents to take you back to your childhood. For the boho in your life, let me suggest the cactus flower which is a floral-scented three-layer candle.  The glass jars are reusable and provide for many uses for organizing small items like buttons, paper clips, etc.

There are way too many deliciously scented FEBE Candles for me to go through so I encourage you to click on any of my links to go check this company out and see what all they offer in the line of candles and room and linen sprays.

As I always mention throughout my Christmas gift guides, all of the products I recommend are products I’ve found throughout the year and use myself. I don’t showcase a lot of products because for me it’s about the quality of items I find and not the quantity of everything I purchase yearly.

I recently decided on The Observatory candle to gift myself because scents help calm me due to stress from chronic pain.  It’s an earthy scented candle and if you have been following my blog, you know I’m the outdoor type who loves camping, glamping, and being close to nature. I woke up to rain this morning (rain= rain pain) so I have my candle burning and my office area smells amazing as I’m typing out this post. It’s an instant mood booster.

Unique FEBE Candles Gifts 2021
Whether you’re looking for a gift for those on your gift-giving list or for any other event, I do highly recommend FEBE Candles.

What scent would you like to try?

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