7 Things to Know If You Are Thinking of Living in the Midwest

7 Things to Know If You Are Thinking of Living in the Midwest

Over 68 million people, or just over one-fifth of all Americans, live in the Midwest. Should you join them? It’s a huge region covering a number of states, so there’s plenty of room!

If you’re considering living in the Midwest, check out our seven key things to know — just keep reading on to find out more.

1. Cheap Cost of Living

Generally, life in the Midwest is cheaper than in other parts of the US, and big coastal cities in particular. Whether you’re buying a house, getting groceries, or just treating yourself, you’ll find prices to be more affordable than in other parts of the country.

2. Less Busy and Crowded

Even cities in the Midwest aren’t as traffic-heavy as their East and West counterparts. You’re likely to see fewer cars on the roads and less pressure and stress as a result — life isn’t quite as fast-paced here.

3. Crime Rates Are Generally Low

Of course, this varies across the Midwest as it does anywhere, but when moving to the Midwest you should find that there isn’t a whole lot of crime.

More sparsely populated than other areas of the US, it’s a lot safer here than in many other places. When crime does occur, it tends to be minor, as opposed to the murders and assaults you might think of as commonplace elsewhere.

4. Weather Can Be Erratic

Admittedly, the weather in the Midwest isn’t always great. You should be prepared for thunderstorms and tornadoes, with flooding also common — it’s important to have secure insurance should your home or belongings get damaged. However, you’ll still experience some great sunny days and cold winter nights too, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

5. Friendly People

Often, the Midwest has a sense of community that’s often found lacking in major cities. People are often more friendly and relaxed here, as life moves a little slower, but as a result, everyone knows everyone.

If someone’s in need of help, you can often rely on everyone in the neighborhood to help out. At the same time, people may ask a lot of questions, and it can feel like everyone knows a lot about each other.

6. Great Cuisine

Another one of the benefits of the Midwest is the delicious food — you’ll be spoilt for choice. From Chicago-style hot dogs and pizza to cheese curds from Wisconsin and BBQ in St. Louis, there’s plenty to try. The Midwest boasts over 100 top-rated craft breweries too, if you prefer a drink.

7. Fantastic Culture and Art

Whether you’re into the modern-day Midwest culture or want to find out more about the region’s rich history, you’ll have plenty to satisfy you. Music festivals, museums, historical monuments – they’re all here!

Is Living in the Midwest Right for Me?

Living in the Midwest isn’t for everybody, but it might be right for you! If a slower pace of life is what you’re after, along with some great community spirit and a lower cost of living, you might have just found your new home!

If you’re looking for more lifestyle advice, that’s what we’re here for — check out our other posts today.

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