The 2020 Storage Trends That Could See Your Style Soaring

If there’s one thing that often gets in the way of our dream home style, it’s storage setbacks. Clutter just isn’t cool in this minimalist-leaning age, and too many storage solutions are bulky and out of keeping. Hence why countless wannabe designers find themselves falling at the last hurdle.

Let’s face it; even the most stripped back home needs some level of storage. Whether you’ve got a family to please or you live alone, there are bound to be books, glassware, and even board games that need putting away somewhere. 

Luckily, there’s no reason that this means you need stick to clunky storage solutions that ruin your decor efforts elsewhere. In reality, there are plenty of design trends regarding storage, too, and we’re going to take a look at the 2020 frontrunners here. 

Open it up

The 2020 Storage Trends That Could See Your Style Soaring

Image by Nathan Van Egmond: CC0 License

Scandinavian styles have inspired many of our best home decor focuses in recent years, and storage choices are no exception, with open-fronted mosaic units like those offered by Civil now top of the trend pile. Unlike the hidden storage solutions of old, these open designs ensure you can use storage to enhance, rather than harm, your trends on the whole. 

That’s because, when storage goes open-fronted, you can use those otherwise hidden items as room decor in themselves. Forget about buying expensive accessories, let your wine glasses do the talking, or display books in ways that always grab the eye. Even things like neatly folded towels can enhance a space when you leave them on show like this. As simple as that, storage becomes a feature rather than a headache.

Invest in cute containers

The 2020 Storage Trends That Could See Your Style Soaring

Image by Jason Leung: CC0 License

Cute containers are also increasingly finding their way into modern home styles, as you’ll see from any trendy cafe on the high street right now. Repurposed glass jars, or just glass containers bought for this purpose, can look fantastic in this age of rustic focuses. You could even look out for retro-style tins, that will see your kitchen stepping back into a bygone era. Then, simply fill these options with kitchen essentials like your flour, seeds, and grains, then find a place for them in that open-storage setup that we spoke about before. 

Make it moveable

Lastly, note that fixed storage solutions might not be the best way to go, either. While these were once preferable due to their hidden and subtle natures, we’re well past pretending that storage needs don’t exist. Hence why options like bookcase trolleys and kitchen islands on wheels are top of the trends at the moment. Again, these options are typically open and allow for storage that can literally move to suit all your needs. This makes for multi-functional pieces that can transform from additional kitchen space to drinks trolleys, buffet tables, and whatever else you might desire at the time. Even better, you can still just wheel these additions out of the way whenever you’re looking to clear things up and make the most of your space again. That’s what we call storage solutions with style!

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