How to Look Boho?

Have you always wanted to look Boho? Well, there’s no reason to keep hesitating, as you can build a Bohemian wardrobe in a few simple steps. 

This vintage style inspires individuals to acquire a natural look, experiment with shades and patterns, wear oversized clothes, and enjoy comfort. There are certain clothes, accessories, and makeup rules to bear in mind when switching to a Boho chic look. 

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Choose appropriate clothing

The inceptive step towards looking Boho is choosing appropriate clothing. When building a Bohemian wardrobe, women should select pieces in natural colors and fabrics, like linen, velvet, cotton, silk, chiffon, leather, and suede. For example, Bohemian lace looks more rustic when compared to delicate lace, and it’s usually available in ivory and white hues. 

Suede, on the other hand, is mainly used in the creation of Boho footwear and accessories. Bohemian leather is usually brown and has a worn-out look. The clothing items you choose come in natural colors and tones, such as brown, white, ivory, dark green, and earthy orange. Lace dresses and tops are highly welcome in Boho closets, as well as those made of crochet. Click here to learn how to dress in Bohemian style. 

Patterns are an integral element of the Bohemian fashion style, meaning you should be willing to experiment with them. The number of patterns is abundant, including tribal, floral, and retro designs. Ethnic-inspired patterns and checks are also popular. 

Nevertheless, if your ultimate goal is to look Boho, make sure to combine fun patterns with neutral clothing items to achieve balance. Floral designs should be present in most of your garments and accessories in multiple colors. You should embrace colorfulness with open arms. 

Moreover, comfort is remarkably important in the Bohemian style, which is why the largest part of clothes are flowy, loose-fitting, and worn in multiple layers. This fashion style revolves around relaxation and breeziness. Instead of wearing skintight dresses and shirts, Boho women are encouraged to wear maxi dresses and flowy tops. 

How to Look Boho?

In view of shoes, the rule for natural hues and fabrics applies as well. Flats, wedges, and sandals are accepted as Boho essentials, especially if the sandals are inspired by certain ethnicities, such as Roman, Greek, or African sandals. As these are worn in warm weather, you’ll need footwear for cold weather as well, like ankle boots or cowboy boots. The most preferred fabrics for Bohemian shoes are suede and leather in natural shades, including tan, beige, and brown. 

Layering is indispensable for every person trying to look Boho. Don’t be afraid to wear a flowy dress over jeans or a tunic over flared pants, you can find them at Buddy Love. There are numerous Boho clothing collections, like bohemian clothing by Aura, featuring pieces like dresses, tops, blazers, and jackets. You aren’t supposed to worry about mixing patterns and colors, as the core values of this style are uniqueness and fun. 

Boho-style lovers are advised to avoid neon colors. While bright colors are a nice addition to Bohemian outfits, these hues should be found in nature. Jewel tones are acceptable, such as sapphire blue or ruby red. Although mixing patterns and colors is allowed, it’s important not to go overboard. Being overly colorful isn’t recommended, as neutral tones should be matched with no more than two bold colors. 

Textures need to be considered as well. For instance, wearing a lace blouse with a crocheted vest wouldn’t be the wisest decision. Additionally, a beaded top wouldn’t look well if you added a beaded necklace as well. 

How to Look Boho?

Consider accessorizing

Accessorizing isn’t optional in the Bohemian fashion style, as accessories contribute to the uniqueness of each outfit. Bracelets are basic accessorizing elements, the most popular of which are silver bangles, wooden bangles, and Mexican bracelets. Boho lovers wear bracelets on their ankles and upper arms. These are named anklets and armbands. 

Regarding earrings, dangly models are the best choice. Bohemian earrings usually combine natural stones and metal along with leather elements and feathers. Necklaces are composed of natural materials like shells, wools, cotton, stones, leather, and metals. Visit this URL,, to see fifteen elements of Boho style. You should also have at least one Bohemian-style hat, such as a Fedora or a floppy hat. 

Scarves are another crucial Bohemian accessory, available in bright colors and fun prints. You can style them in a traditional way by throwing one around your neck. For a more interesting look, you can use a small scarf and wrap it around your head. Also, a tiny silk scarf can be tied around your hat or wrapped around your bag handle. 

Do your makeup the right way

Makeup is a crucial part of every Bohemian look. It should be in natural shades for you to seem natural without looking washed out. Your skin can look even and unblemished by applying the right products, such as tinted moisturizers, BB cream, or light foundation. Using a concealer is necessary to cover any breakouts. 

Furthermore, you are recommended to apply a highlighter to your cheekbones and inner eye corners. Eye shadows should be in earthy gold, red, and brown colors with a little bit of mascara. If you decide to go for a dramatic look, make sure your lips look neutral.

In conclusion

If you are fond of natural makeup, fun clothing patterns, floral designs, and earthy shades, then the Bohemian look would suit you!

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