Situated in Australia, Hobart is listed as the capital of Tasmania and sits on the River Derwent. It is said to be the finest place for wedding functions with its stunning scenic paths and trails, and a 1,270m high backdrop of Mount Wellington. 

If Hobart’s scenic sites do not convince you of its magical feel and astounding appearance, here are a few reasons why this capital city is the wedding venue hotspot. Whether it’s a spectacular setting or a more intimate function, here are eight reasons why booking at hotels like Wrest Point Hobart wedding venue is ideal. 

1.Historical Ambiance

1.1 Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Known for its traditional historical architecture, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart is surrounded by a group of historic buildings dating back to 1846 when the museum was established. It was built by the oldest Royal Society. The Royal Society of Tasmania is considered the oldest Royal Society outside of England. This is bound to create a royal flair to any setting. With its historical charm and stunning views, this location will prove to be a stunning venue to date.

1.2 Tasmanian World Heritage Area

Many historical places can be seen throughout Hobart. One such place is Highfield’s Historic site. With its interesting historical buildings and blooming gardens, it is a perfect place to create a historical feel to your venue. 

For a truly magical experience, why not book your wedding venue at the Freycinet National Park. With its crystal-clear waters and curvy white sandy beaches, it will be an iconic venue to host your guests and enjoy the beautiful coast. 

The magical feel can be further heightened if you choose to use the granite mountainside as your backdrop. It also boasts the famous Freycinet Lodge who are celebrated for their fine wine and dining experiences, with staff who can make your wedding even more unforgettable.

1.3 Historical Hotels 

If a historical design in architecture is the tone for your dream wedding venue, then try one of many historical gems at a Hobart hotel. One such gem is Hadley’s Orient Hotel. Considered to be one of the largest hotel suites in Hobart, Hadley’s Orient Hotel has an antique-like charm. 

With stunning nearby places such as the Botanical Gardens, Salamanca Place, and Battery Point, these sought-after destinations would make any venue desirable. With an in-house bar and restaurant, guests are can enjoy well-catered meals.

2.Contemporary and Modern Feel Wedding Venues

If a modern-day state-of-the-art catered type of setting is more your style, Hobart is just the place to make this a reality. Try the Hobart Function and Conference Centre in Stonefield. Whether you hosting a gala dinner or an inexpensive tailor-made menu it has an amazing background with a modern twist. Learn more about planning a destination wedding here:

3. Easy Wedding Venue Set-ups

If ease of your venue set-up is what you after, Hobart offers more than you need. With a stunning landscape of sun, sand, and sea the Ramada Resort Seven Mile Beach is known for its effortless beauty of sea and pine forests to create the picturesque venue of your dreams with no fuss and minimal cost. 

Without adding a lot of décor, you’ll be able to create a stunning venue set up without much effort. Check this website out for a list of packages, facilities & catering options.

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Wedding Venue in Hobart, Tasmania

4. Best Dramatic Wedding Venue Setting

When you think dramatic, you might want to look at one of the iconic places in Hobart. If an enchanting experience is more what you after, try out Lake St Clair. Lake St Clair still forms part of Cradle Mountain with an Aboriginal name called leeawuleena, which means ‘sleeping water’. 

With a ghostly ambiance, the stillness of the lake stands true to its name. It is surrounded by ancient forests and mountainous lakes. With this intense backdrop of high mountains and opaque forests, its uncanniness is sure to create a dramatic effect.

5. Any Season Wedding Venues

Depending on your favorite season, if white winters are a must as part of your décor, what better way than to allow nature to help you with such a beautiful setting. One such place is Cradle Mountain. With an abundance of natural wildlife and untouched beauty, the snow on the mountain slopes is sure to create the perfect ambiance for a pure white setting. 

With its breathtaking landscapes and polar white iced lakes, it is the perfect winter setting of choice. If autumn is more your fancy, why not book your venue here at this time of the season. With their colorful display of orange, red, and yellow wildflowers, they are sure to wow any backdrop. Want to organize a seasonal wedding? Check out this weather guide to Hobart’s seasons and climates. 

6. Wildlife Wedding Venues

If natural wildlife is more your thing, see what the Tamar Island Wetlandts has to offer. With its magnificent landscape of plentiful plant and animal life, many mammals, birds, frogs, reptiles and fish have called this their home. 

The river Tamar is particularly known for its thriving birdlife. Established as a wetland ecosystem it boasts many lagoons and islands. With perfectly placed catwalks it would be sure to create a stunning picturesque venue. 

7. Adventurous Wedding Venues

With some added adventure to make your day more memorable, why not try one of our trail hiking parks. For a more unique setting have a look at the Mole Creek Karst National Park. This area features a vast landscape of caves, sinkholes, valleys, creeks, and springs. 

It boasts spectacular views of the King Solomans and Marakoopa caves. At the Marakoopa cave is a massive cavern called the Great Cathedral with two streams of water flowing through this cave. Striking formations of spikes, pillars, and columns of nature are sure to impress any guest.

Any couple considering getting married in Hobart, Tasmania will have a gorgeous picturesque background for photos as well as an unforgettable romantic stay. The city has a lot to offer ranging from adventurous activities, scenic routes, wildlife sightseeing, and historical richness.