All The Single Ladies, Solo Travel, Self Defense and Safety

All The Single Ladies, Solo Travel, Self Defense and Safety

Traveling alone can be exciting and rewarding and shouldn’t ever feel like it’s burdensome. I travel 90% of my trips alone. There are many pros to solo traveling such as, I get to go where I want to go, spending as much time as I want to spend at each place, and of course, getting to eat what and where I want to eat. The first few times I traveled alone made me more aware of products I need to make my vacations go a lot smoother. I was not prepared for safety like I should have been. I’ve since been buying products that make me feel safe anywhere and want to bring some of these to your attention. Self-defense products such as a gun or nonlethal weapons can help give the confidence to take on the world. It’s important to be and feel safe while traveling alone. I watch a lot of crime shows and it’s made me more aware of my surroundings and ways to stay safe while traveling but at home or even out shopping as well.

All the single ladies (and even married ladies) need police strength mace. It’s terrible that we have to use products like this these days, but we do and you should never leave home without any. Not even the safest places in the world are 100% safe.

There are many different kinds on Amazon but I like the following types best:

This first one sprays 12 feet and you get more in it than other products. You can keep it on your keychain or on your finger and all you have to do is flip top and spray. It’s really affordable too. I always have my keychain in my hand or on a spiral cord on my wrist so I like that it’s always handy when I’m out and about.

SABRE Red Pepper Gel – Police Strength – with Key Case, Finger Grip, Flip Top, 25 Bursts (Up to 5x Other Brands) & 12-Foot (4M) Range

All The Single Ladies, Solo Travel, Self Defense and Safety

I like this next mace brand because it has a gun shape which helps keep it away from my eyes better and because it has a Strobe LED on it as well. It sprays dye onto the attacker making it easier for law enforcers to identify the attacker. I also like that I can buy refill cartridges and use this over and over. It fits perfectly in pockets or can be used with a pouch you can buy separately.

Mace Brand Self Defense Police Strength Pepper Spray Gun with Strobe LED

All The Single Ladies, Solo Travel, Self Defense and Safety

I also recommend a loud handheld emergency alarm. I recommend one that is loud enough to get the attention of anyone around. I like the following alarm because it checks all of the buttons that I look for when it comes to safety alarms. You can strap it on your wrist, it’s not heavy and can be worn at all times.

Secure Loud-Mate Panic Emergency Alarm for Personal Safety

All The Single Ladies, Solo Travel, Self Defense and Safety

If you prefer an alarm that can clip onto your keychain, the following alarm is a great choice and comes with 6, and you have a choice in the color schemes.

6 Pieces Personal Alarm Keychain, 130db Safesound Safety Emergency Alarm with LED Safety and SOS Emergency Alarm Providing Powerful Safety and Property Assurance for Kids, Women

All The Single Ladies, Solo Travel, Self Defense and Safety

I personally don’t have a stun gun but it’s on my list to buy. I just haven’t committed to buying one yet because I’m not sure how I feel about them. What I do know is that if it comes down to me or an attacker, my attacker is going down first. That’s why it’s in my Amazon cart and why I’m almost certain I’m going to buy one. They come in different strengths and if I’m going to make the decision to buy one I want the strongest strength they make. Below is my recommendation based on all of the reviews I’ve read about all stun guns. There are stronger strengths but you’ll have to do some research before buying one. Also, you need to know your stun gun state laws before making a stun gun purchase.

15 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun – Rechargeable with LED Flashlight

All The Single Ladies, Solo Travel, Self Defense and Safety

While all of these products are geared to help you should the need arise, you need to play it safe as well. Check your surroundings at all times, park in a well-lit area as close to your destination as possible and it never hurts to take some self-defense courses prior to your trip. I believe that all women no matter what their status is should know some defense steps to help them feel empowered while traveling alone.

Do you ever travel alone? If so, what is your favorite part of traveling alone?

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