Should You Opt For An Outdoor Wedding?

Should You Opt For An Outdoor Wedding

A growing number of people are opting for outdoor weddings. When choosing an outdoor wedding, it’s important to consider the pros and cons that come with hosting a wedding outside. This post lists some of the main things to consider before opting for an outdoor wedding.

Time of year

An outdoor wedding is open to the elements. Unless you don’t mind getting married in the rain, it’s best to choose a month when there is a lower chance of rainfall. This typically means getting married in summer when venue and vendor prices are likely to be more expensive. It’s worth noting that even in summer it could still rain on your wedding day (or worse there could be a thunderstorm). Therefore you’re always taking a gamble whatever month you choose.


You can reduce the risk of your wedding being ruined by bad weather by choosing a venue where you have the backup option of getting married indoors. Many modern wedding venues such as this one come with a flexible choice of spaces to host your ceremony – including indoor and outdoor spaces. Ask about whether you would be able to use an indoor space as a backup option if it rained. An alternative solution is to set up a marquee outdoors near to where you plan to get married – you then have the option of moving your entire wedding under the marquee if it rains. Some venues may have marquees already available to set up.

Clothing and hair

When choosing what to wear (and when advising your guests what to wear), you should consider the risks that come with being outdoors. If the ground is wet and muddy, a wedding dress train and heels could be a bad idea. You may not want a veil if it’s going to be windy, and certain hairstyles may not be appropriate too. Therefore, you are a bit more restricted when it comes to fashion. If you’ve already got a dream dress in mind or would love to wear a certain pair of shoes, consider whether they are outdoor appropriate before choosing an outdoor wedding. 

Food and drink

Food and drink is best kept under some form of shelter where it won’t get exposed to sun or rain. If your venue has indoor space you can use, it may be more suitable to keep the food and drink inside. Alternatively, keep food under a marquee and add cloche dome plates and lids to protect food from insects.


Some entertainers may struggle to perform outside. DJs and live bands will need access to electricity for speakers and microphones, and may not be willing to get certain equipment wet. Talk to entertainment vendors beforehand about their limitations. A benefit of getting married outdoors is that you may be able to consider some alternative entertainment ideas that you wouldn’t be able to hire for a strictly indoor wedding such as fire dancers or a petting zoo (check out this article at for entertainment ideas).

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