Best Ways to Look Good In a Selfie

Best Ways to Look Good In a Selfie

The rise of the smartphone as a necessity has improved the way we take photographs. The traditional methods from film to digital camera have limited the way we took photographs of ourselves, being assisted by mirrors, tripods, and timers. In recent years, we can simply use the front-facing camera in our mobile devices for a quick snapshot. That picture is more commonly known as a “selfie”, which is short for “self-portrait”.

Selfies are most often found on social media platforms or other networking sites. A lot of people consider a selfie to be an expression of his or her individuality. A lot of smartphone applications were designed to give us better and more beautiful selfies even if we don’t use our favorite Skinfood product. Filters and angles help the skin look fresh so you don’t need makeup when you take selfies, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t any bad selfies.

When you’ve got only a small phone camera lens, an app, and your mad selfie skills, you can create the best possible self-portraits with these tips on looking good in a selfie:

1. Look good in any selfie by taking good care of your skin.

Three words: glorious beach selfies. The number 1 tip in taking good selfies is taking good care of your skin so that you can take a beautiful self-portrait even during a trip to the beach or even when you don’t have makeup on. With a good skin care regimen, your selfie won’t look too different from your actual physical appearance.

Having good skin will boost not only your confidence but it will also allow you to look good in every angle. With good skincare, you won’t need over-the-top filters or too many angle shifts and you wouldn’t need to cover your face so much.

2. Think happy and positive thoughts.

Another tip for naturally looking good in a selfie is by thinking positive and happy thoughts. Have you noticed that a woman looks the most beautiful when she is happy? The skin glows, the eyes twinkle and the lips are more luscious than usual. These small changes make a big difference in the way that your selfie looks. Smiling with your eyes allows you to look even more beautiful in a photograph.

3. Find your angle.

Some lucky people look good from any angle, and most of these are models and celebrities. However, for the rest of us, we need to find our best angles for a more flattering selfie. If you don’t know what your best angles are, you can go through the process of trial and error. When you find your best angle, you will not only look better in your selfies but you will also feel more confident in yourself.

4. Choose your outfit wisely.

This hack is a general outfit selection trick and having a great outfit that complements your skin tone makes any photo look awesome. First, you have to find out if you have either a warm or cool skin tone, and then select your outfit based on your skin tone. Having the perfect outfit can increase the beauty of your selfie with colors that complement your natural skin tone.

Aside from complementing your skin tone, you should also know the kind of clothes that are good for your body shape. Your selfie will look better in clothes that hide your imperfections and enhance your natural form.

5. Get a good camera and clean the lenses regularly.

One of the sure-fire ways to look awesome in a selfie is by choosing a high-quality front-facing camera. If you’re going to buy a phone for the purpose of taking self-portraits, it would be best to do your research and check out the different specifications of the brand you’re interested in. Aside from that, make sure that your camera lens is free from speck and thumbprints because they could ruin the photo quality.

6. Learn different photography tricks.

Basic photography techniques are also applicable to taking selfies. A few tips are taking advantage of natural sunlight and making sure that your camera’s flash is off when there is too much light in the background. Too much or too little light can ruin a selfie, much more than having a bad dress or awkward smile.

Best Ways to Look Good In a Selfie


  1. Great tips! It’s so hard to take selfies for me. My arms are not long enough to get a good shot LOL

  2. Great tips. I will try them because I’m not very good with selfies!

  3. Great tips! Thry are all useful and Ill utilize them myself. Also, I love skinfood!!

  4. Some really help tips to help with the selfie. I think the mood and outfit matters.

  5. #selfie! Great tips! My fav selfies are definitely the ones outside with great natural light! Ty for sharing these useful tips for everything selfie!!!

  6. I need to work on my selfie technique. I read somewhere that holding your phone above you and have the sun behind you will help you get the best shot.

  7. Love all these tips especially the first and second. Taking good care of skin and thinking happy thoughts. Our emotions reflects in the photo.

  8. These are some wonderful tips that could come handy while I am clicking selfies for my IG story. Will use them for sure

  9. These are amazing tips on getting the perfect selfie. I still need to learn and maybe try out different angles

  10. I’ve always heard it’s all about angles. I’m the worst when it comes to selfies. I have to agree on the whole outfit thing.

  11. After reading your very informative post, I realize that I’ve been doing selfies all wrong. Thank you for sharing this information as it will help me to do a better job of taking them.

  12. Wow! I like that you gave instructions on getting the best selfie possible. I just snap them and see what happens. LOL!

  13. These are some great tips! I always struggle with the “perfect angle” myself. The camera likes to add a few chins 😉

  14. I hardly do any selfie as I find my selfie picture not satisfying at all. Great tips for anyone who love selfie and I find the tips are great even not for selfie, for any photo shooting!

  15. These are al great tips and as bloggers, we always are taking selfies and also live videos showing us. Lighting is probably the best thing ever. natural light is awesome. when taking selfies, food photography or anything.

  16. i do not take a lot of selfies myself so im no expert to this. but i can’t agree more about skin care and knowing your angles, it makes a big difference

  17. These are all great tips! The lighting is so important! That’s why I’ll always go towards natural sunlight. Also the angle is everything. In general when I’m taking photos of myself, they turn out better if I’m in a better mood.

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