Buddha Board For Earth Day April 22, 2019

Buddha Board For Earth Day April 22, 2019

I am a reuser.  I reuse everything I can and for the things I can’t, I recycle whenever possible.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been concerned with our environment and trying to save it for future generations.  If I see litter, get out of my way because I have to pick it up.  I will run someone over trying to get to it because it concerns me that much.  Okay, not really run over them.  But you get the gist of how important the environment means to me. Now, I can’t speak for everywhere, but here in the U.S.A. we are running out of landfill space at an alarming rate.  Even as I’m typing, our landfills are filling up with many products that could be recycled but aren’t.  Because of my crazy obsession with reusing stuff, when I buy products, I try to find products that can be reused or recycled.  Which is why I’m so obsessed with my new Buddha Board.  It’s a drawing board that I can use over and over.

Buddha Board For Earth Day April 22, 2019

There is something ZENtastic about zoning everything out around me and drawing.  It’s calming and it reduces stress. The kids also love to draw and they haven’t stopped using our Buddha Board from the time it arrived.   I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to buy a second one for when they are out of school and here.  Of course, I don’t mind anything that will encourage them to be creative and it’s worth the money to me. I’ve been watching how the Buddha Board is helping them to use their imagination and I think their skills are improving.  Lil Abby even drew an Easter egg the other day which I thought was really cute.  I’ve never seen her try to draw anything like that before.  As soon as the water dries, the board is all clear and ready to be drawn on again.

Buddha Board For Earth Day April 22, 2019

Earth Day is coming up and I’ve been trying to come up with ideas to help teach the kids the importance of Earth Day with products like the Buddha Board.  If you’d like to educate your kids as well, check out the Buddha Board.  It’s easy to use, all you need is a little water to dip the included brush in to draw.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Games to play with the Buddha Board that we love are:

  • Guess the animal
  • Guess the object
  • Guess who
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Math Problems
  • Guess the missing letter

What are some games you’d play with your Buddha Board?



  1. Oooooh my son would absolutely love to have his own Buddha board?!

  2. Jennifer Pompaski

    Someone after my own heart! That is what I got from your blog post! I am so particular about the environment, I keep the wrap of a snack in my bag after eating till I can find a waste bin! The budha board is a great idea. Don’t have kids yet lol but thanks for sharing!

  3. I have never heard of a buddha board but it really looks fascinating. Would love to get one soon.

  4. Never heard of Buddha board. ANd this sounds really awesome. Something that I would really need.

  5. This looks so much fun. I would love to try this. Bet it will be really good with together with the whole fam.

  6. Great job being so nurturing of our planet. It’s a great mindset to have. This is the first I’ve heard of the product and it seems really nice.

  7. This would be awesome to have. My friend is really good at doing lettering

  8. I’ve always wanted a Buddha Board! I may have to get one to celebrate Earth day. I use way too many notepads.

  9. This Buddha board reminds me of the Chinese calligraphy. I learned how to use the paper on a tour in Chinatown, in London, and I draw on it with a brush dipped in water. It was amazing how shapes would come on the paper and then erase.

  10. Maartje van Sandwijk

    Never heard of a buddha board before but it sounds like a wonderful way to be more environmentally conscious!

  11. Buddha a board looks like something the children will have fun and kept occupied. Might get one for the kids this winter !!

  12. were you the one writing in the photos? Nice calligraphy.

  13. This is basically the adult version of the doodle mat that my kids crowd around with their water pens in the mornings. I have to have one!

  14. Great to know about your environment consciousness.we need more people like you and I am definitely going to Buddha board with my kid

  15. im all about reusing and even though i’ve never heard of this i love everything about it and can’t wait to try it out myself! i might even do a future blog post about it as well 🙂 thanks for the inspiration!

  16. i also try to recycle re-use whenever I can. we are trying to eliminate plastic usage as well. The Budha board is a great idea!

  17. I love the Buddha board and that is reusable is a big yes for me.

  18. The Buddha Board sounds like a lot of fun! I love that it’s reusable.

  19. Never heard of a buddha board before – and I really just cannot believe it’s already April!

  20. What a cool idea. My daughter loves to draw. I have used her drawing on many of my post as illustrations. I have also shared some of her paintings. The Buddha Board would be great to practice and work out techniques.

  21. Like you I am also all about reusing stuff. I’d like to get this reusable Buddha board. 😊

  22. It’s amazing how you’re so in tune with taking care of our planet 🙂
    I wish everyone was the same 🙂

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