Choosing The Right Suit For You

Choosing The Right Suit For You

Choosing The Right Suit For You

Wearing a great suit is one of the joys of being an adult. Being able to look smart and classy all week long is great, and there’s nothing better than a well-fitting suit for your closet. A suit can be a diverse outfit and used for a number of occasions, and this is why everyone should have one good suit in their wardrobe ready for any occasion.

 Today we are going to take a look at how you can choose the perfect suit for you by following some simple steps.

 1 Set your budget 

If you want to buy a suit which is of amazing quality and will last you for a number of years, you will need to be willing to invest some money in it. Stunning tailored suits can cost a pretty penny but this compared to a cheap off the rack number is definitely something you will want to consider. Be sure to set yourself a budget for your suit early, before you start looking at them, and this will ensure that you are able to shop within your limits right away and not be disappointed when you look for mens custom made suits and can’t find them.

 2 Two or Three? 

One of the main questions you will want to ask yourself when looking for a suit is whether you want a two-piece or a three-piece suit. This is an important decision for you to make and will also have an impact on your budget. A two-piece suit comprises of suit pants and a jacket, whereas a three-piece suit also has a matching vest. Generally, a   suit will be reserved for more formal occasions.

 3 Choose your colour 

Suits, like any other garments, come in a range of colours and this can allow you to see some stunning colour combinations and really find a suit which suits (pun intended) you. Whether you are more of a classic with your suits, or you want to be a little more adventurous, buying a suit is very much about your personal preference. The classic colours are black, grey, and blue; but you can also find red, green, tan, and many more colours. Shop around and see what you like.

 4 Choose a style 

There are three styles of suits which are most often used by men. The first is the English style of suit which is soft, the hourglass in shape and has flat shoulders. The second is the Italian suit, which is lightweight with high shoulders. The third is American and this suit is straight cut, loose, and has a back vent. If you are unsure which type of suit you would prefer, it is worth taking a look at the shops to see which type looks best on you and which one feels the most comfortable.

 5 Select your fit 

The fit of a suit is perhaps the most important factor of all and this will allow you to be comfortable and will also show off your body shape in the best way. This part of choosing a suit can be a real challenge, however, you should be able to find a style which is best for you. There are suits which are looser, ones which are highly tailored and fitted, and in-between options. 

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