Decadent Design Ideas to Add a Sprinkle of Sophistication to Your Home

Decadent Design Ideas to Add a Sprinkle of Sophistication to Your Home

You gaze longingly at the latest edition of your favorite interior design magazine; sipping your freshly poured cup of coffee and sitting on your tattered, tired couch. Why doesn’t your home resemble these dazzling designer dwellings? You have been meaning to start a new design project, but life just seems to get in the way. You are always trying to save up some money or find a chunk of time to get the ball rolling, but you’re not going to procrastinate any longer. All you need is a hint of inspiration to set you off. Whether you want to liven up your living room or spruce up your study, here you will find a handful of luxury ideas to transform your home from sleepy to stunning.  

Luxury Lighting

It is true that the right kind of lighting can really change the ambiance of a room. If it’s too bright you will be sure to startle your guest; if it’s too dim you won’t be able to admire your beautiful new designs. If you’re working on a time constraint, investing in new lighting is really going to level up the sophistication of your home. Lamps Expo offers a range of indoor and outdoor lighting, from chic chandeliers to modish motion sensors. See here how you can instantly transform a simple, demure dining area into a stylish space using the right kind of lighting:

Decadent Design Ideas to Add a Sprinkle of Sophistication to Your Home

Chandeliers are a must-have for every sophisticated home, so consider where you might be able to hang your new dangling designer light.

Classic Colors

If you have the time to give your interiors a fresh coat of paint then you might want to reconsider your color choices. Back in the day, it might’ve been fashionable to splash a bold, brash shade onto your living room, dining area, and bedroom walls, but now neutral is back in business. Create a true timeless ambiance with muted greys, cool creams, and bright whites. With natural colored walls, you will have much more choice when it comes to choosing furniture, cushions, and rugs;  you will be able to choose any type of accentuated pattern you like without causing a clash.

Fabulous Flooring

Admittedly, carpets are a warming and homely addition to your rooms, but deep dark wood flooring is what every designer dwelling needs. A chocolatey brown Brazilian cherry or classic oak wooden floor will truly create a sophisticated atmosphere throughout your entire home. The richness of good-quality wooden flooring sets your home heads and shoulders above the rest. Not to mention, they are much easier to maintain and clean. Wooden floors also have a longer lifespan than most carpets, so be sure to factor this into your innovative interior ideas.


Instead of lusting after chic and stylish designs for your home, go out there and make it happen at last. You don’t need infinite amounts of cash or time to make these fashionable fine-tunings to your astounding abode. With the correct lighting, the perfect color palettes, and decadent dark wood flooring you will be living in an Instagram-worthy home that could grace the front cover of any magazine.

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