Larry the Llama Doormat from Uncommon Goods #gifts #holidayshoppersgiftidea

I love gifting fun and unique products and that’s exactly what you get when you buy from Uncommon Goods. I’ve selected a few products from Uncommon Goods to feature in my gift guide this year and of course, I had to include Larry the Llama doormat because it’s such a fun doormat to come home to. It keeps my feetsies nice and dry, even though it’s been raining cats and dogs for a week now (, because of the high pile and it’s just cute as can be with it’s painted, colorful, Peruvian scene. I also love how colorful it is as well especially during this dreary time.

Larry the Llama Doormat from Uncommon Goods #gifts #holidayshoppersgiftidea

I’ve gotten so many compliments already about my doormat so I knew this was a product I NEEDED to include in my holiday gift guide. I try to think of products that I personally use, recommend and love that others would love as well when I decide what products to feature. And everyone loves Larry. I have 2 of these doormats, one at my front entrance and one at the back. No matter which way I enter my home, I’m greeted with Larry the Llama and he continues to make me smile. There is something really cozy about coming home and seeing Larry waiting on me. Even Peanut has a fascination with Larry.

Larry the Llama Doormat from Uncommon Goods #gifts #holidayshoppersgiftidea

Larry the Llama doormat is made with sturdy 100% coir fiber. That’s why the pile is so high and it’s also why despite the fact that both of my patios are covered in water, my doormat keeps me nice and dry when I have to let Peanut out. Because of how well made this doormat is, I won’t have to replace it every year like I’ve been doing with previous doormats. This is a product that any adult on your gift giving list will love, or even for college students who love a unique perspective in their dorm room.

Larry the Llama Doormat from Uncommon Goods #gifts #holidayshoppersgiftidea

Like I mentioned, you can buy Larry the Llama doormat at Uncommon Goods. And if you’re buying him for yourself and love to change up your doormats according to the seasons, check out their bike doormat for spring/summer. I’m got my eye on a couple myself.

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  1. I love the doormat design. It add colors to the home and for some reason, I find it giving a positive vibes along the house. I hope I could find something like this as well.

  2. Aww this doormat is so adorable! the little lama is so cute and perfect to welcome people into your home!

  3. That’s great the doormat can keep you dry when you step out of the house even though it’s wet all around. I will have to check to see where I can find one locally. And it looks pretty darn cute as well.

  4. What a cute doormat. I’ve been wanting to change our doormats according to the seasons. The llama doormat would definitely put a smile on my face.

  5. I change my doormat for the season. I like the llama he’s cute. 🙂 I’m headed over to check out the bikes and other styles they might have.

  6. Super cute! Llamas are so popular right now 🙂 We need a new doormat, so I might have to look at their site to see if they have anything I want to snag for our home!

  7. Omg, this is sooo cute!! It’s perfect for this holidays season too, it gives such a cozy feeling. Really inviting too!


  8. I love usual doormats! They are a great way to brighten up the front door all year round and this one is super cute 🙂

  9. What an adorable door mat! Llamas are so cute! No uncommon goods around me.

  10. Oh my goodness that doormat is incredible. I have to admit I love a good one and I could totally have this one popped in our porch!

  11. This doormat is soo cute!! never shopped at uncommon goods before though, maybe I should give it a try!

  12. I did not know of Uncommon goods and will have to check it out for this doormat and other items.

  13. I love llamas! That doormat is super cute! Thanks for sharing!

  14. The doormat looks so cute with the llama picture over there. This just reminds me of my cousin who enjoys making her own cozy doormats.

  15. Larry the Llama doormat looks so cute, I’d love to have in front of my door too! Unfortunately, all the cute doormats I ever bought got stolen (why would people do that??), so I have to always be happy with a plain one.

  16. That doormat is adorable would make me leave the house with a smile every day.

  17. This doormat is super cute!!!! I also love uncommon goods, I’ve gotten some great gifts there!!

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