Dental implant: Keep Your Smile The Way it Was

Dental implant: Keep Your Smile The Way it Was

A bright smile can make anyone’s day. With beautiful and healthy oral hygiene, your smile becomes even more vibrant. It also has a positive effect on the people around you. But if you have crooked and misaligned denticles, you may face difficulty getting a natural smile. A lost tooth can make you look older. Not only this, if you start losing denticles, you will start losing bone also. Oral health is as important as any other health issue. Despite the development in the field of orthodontics, there are still many people suffering from tooth loss. 

A dental implant is a solution to this pain. It is a surgical fixture that prevents tooth loss. Research has been shown that the success rate of dental implants is 98%, and it is quickly gaining popularity. Let us jump to some of the nitty-gritty of this procedure. 

Reasons to have the dental implant 

Comfortable – When going for this procedure, you do not have to worry as it works like your original teeth. Therefore, it gives more confidence in smiling and eating. You will feel more comfortable and relaxed. 

Protects the jawbone – Having this treatment improves your oral health as your jaw and denticles are co-related. The pressure is transmitted to the jaw when you eat or chew. Therefore it provides strength to the tissues of the gum. To know more, you can visit Jeff Berger Dentistry – Sonora CA. Ideally, tooth loss can lead to no transmission of pressure to gums and jaw, resulting in bone resorption. Hence, this process is anchored in the jawbone as original teeth.  

Easy to care – As you care for your natural denticles, looking after your implanted teeth are no different. Maintain good oral hygiene. Regularly visit the dentist to check on your gum disease and ensure that these implants last for a long time. 


Never-decaying property – As this implant is made up of metal, therefore the problem of decaying vanishes. Keep your gums healthy, and the problem of the cavity is also resolved.

 Enhance natural speech – With the improved denticles, your pronunciation ability is improved, which is not possible in case of crooked or missing teeth. Words flow naturally from your mouth. 

 Augments appearance – Improved teeth helps in supporting the facial structure. But missing teeth leads to losing that support, which distorts your face shape. The dental implant acts as an exclusive support system for your face. 

Boost self-esteem – Are you afraid of smiling whole-heartedly due to your lost teeth? Hold on. You can get it back with this procedure. Therefore it will not only boost your self-esteem, but you will start feeling better about yourself. 

After receiving this procedure and acquiring a similar structure as natural denticles, you will notice a surge in your personality. There are umpteen people out there who face dental problems. You do not have to fear this process. Get started on the path to a brighter smile and make your teeth feel good with the Dentist in Las Vegas. Depending upon your oral health, the dentist will recommend the best option to bring back your beautiful smile. Enjoy this journey of oral hygiene to get remarkable results.

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