Offering Quality Orthodontic Care In New York

Offering Quality Orthodontic Care In New York

It is critical to keep your teeth straight and aligned for various reasons. Whether talking, smiling, or chewing, crooked teeth could cause terrible headaches and embarrassment. Luckily, orthodontic therapy can effectively enhance the look of misaligned teeth while also increasing your mouth’s range of motion. If you are thinking about orthodontics, look no further than Advanced Digital Orthodontics for expert care. Dr. Lopatkin works closely with patients across New York to establish what form of orthodontic treatment suits them best. Typically, your potential care regimen is dependent on your situation and what you wish to attain with treatment. To explore the benefits of orthodontic treatment for your smile and oral health, call the office or request an appointment online right away.

What Should You Know About Dr. Lopatkin?

At the practice, Orthodontist Robert Lopatkin, DDS, offers complete orthodontic treatment to people in and around Roslyn, New York, and across Nassau County. Dr. Lopatkin has more than thirty years of clinical practice expertise. He has seen every sort of malocclusion throughout the years and relishes taking on difficulties that other orthodontists believe are untreatable.

From the moment you set foot at the clinic, all through care and beyond, Dr. Lopatkin treats you with compassion and spends enough time understanding your concerns. The practice is fitted with some of the most advanced technologies to ensure that patients enjoy an exceptional experience.

Currently, Dr. Lopatkin welcomes new and returning patients, of all backgrounds and ages, from kids to adults, to access his services. Besides, they accept most major insurance plans.

What Are The Orthodontic Treatment Options Available?

An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in the alignment of your jaw and teeth, which is often linked to a lovely smile. Specifically, Dr. Lopatkin excels in challenging cases, such as pre-corrective jaw surgery and full mouth reconstructions.

Patients can access a wide range of orthodontic treatment alternatives, including:

  •         Braces
  •         Clear braces
  •         Invisalign®
  •         Adult orthodontics

Additional care options include prosthetic orthodontics, surgical orthodontics, expanders, and InBrace.

Under Dr. Lopatkin’s care, patients rest assured of individualized care. He designs care plans tailored to each patient’s specific needs. Your initial consultation entails x-rays and extensive consultation. To ensure you enjoy an exceptional experience, Dr. Lopatkin employs cutting-edge technologies, such as contactless procedures.

Furthermore, Dr. Lopatkin never hurries the treatment process. To make orthodontic treatment as convenient as possible, he keeps the number of visits necessary to a minimum.

Dr. Lopatkin often collaborates with local specialists and can recommend them to patients who require bridges or other dental prostheses. In addition, he provides free second opinions.

Orthodontic care goes far beyond attaining a beautiful smile; it guarantees the proper functionality of your teeth. A decent bite makes it easier to chew, speak, and properly clean your teeth. Partner with Dr. Lopatkin, an orthodontist in Roslyn, New York, for high-quality orthodontic treatment in a friendly setting. To determine what orthodontic treatment is right for you, contact the office over the phone or use the online scheduling tool to book an initial consultation today.

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