Gynecology is an area of medicine that deals with women’s health care and their reproductive systems. Gynecology health care is essential for every woman’s health. Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples focuses on providing obstetrics and gynecology healthcare to women living in Naples, Florida. Dr. Nathalie Gutierrez-Prieto OBGYN is one of the physicians at the Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples and is a specialist in high and low-risk obstetrics, minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, abnormal uterine bleeding, and contraception. The team is made up of board-certified physicians with specialties in broad areas and have experience in giving high-quality personalized care to their patients.

They, as well as Health Clinic Parramatta, offer their patients services such as preventive care, well-woman exams, preconception, complete family planning, and infertility services. They also provide diagnostic and treatment services to conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse and maintaining optimal wellness during and after menopause. The certified team at the Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples performs robot surgery that uses the advanced da Vinci surgical system. They offer an alternative treatment to traditional open surgery that allows their patients to heal faster and have fewer scars and complications.

With their focus being to serve all the healthcare needs of women, Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples offers specialized services to their patients, including weight loss management, Botox injections to clear wrinkles, and vagina rejuvenation using the Monalisa touch. Some of the services they offer include:

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Some conditions may be resistant to healing, and surgery may be the last option to treat them. When this happens, the surgeons at Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples perform minimally invasive surgery to help you heal from your condition using advanced treatment techniques. Call their office today or book your appointment online to experience the personalized medical care.


It’s a significant condition in women, causing infertility to some of them. The specialists at Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples educate women on which signs and symptoms not to ignore when it comes to endometriosis and offer treatment options to regain your health. Visit their offices today to meet with the professionals in women’s health and get your health needs addressed.

Monalisa Touch

Many women experience vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse, especially women who are going through menopause. With Monalisa touch laser treatment at the Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples, you can effectively restore your vaginal health. Call them today to schedule your appointment.


Whereas age is one of the primary factors that affect fertility, most couples worry about infertility when they cannot seem to conceive after a year of trying. At Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples, they will explore with you the different causes and treatments of infertility in order to help you achieve your dream of beginning or expanding your family. Call them or book an appointment online today.

Family planning

Meet the experts in family planning at Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples to get all healthcare services from preconception to birth control methods to infertility treatments. Visit their office today in Naples, Florida.

They have a patient portal where patients can access their health records, health education materials, update insurance information, and prescription refill requests, among other services.

They accept insurance; call their offices today to see whether your insurance company is among those accepted here.

The health practitioners at Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples are warm and friendly to their patients, always ready to help and offer the best medical care to cater to all your health needs. Visit them today, call or book an appointment online to schedule your consultation.