End of tenancy cleaning how Steam carpet cleaning can help?

End of tenancy cleaning how Steam carpet cleaning can help?

Professional carpet cleaning can dramatically change your carpets for the better. 

Carpets undergo so much usage on a day to day basis, sometimes we forget just how much our carpets endure. Muddy shoes, bacteria build up and spillages are just some of the many harsh issues carpets can encounter. So when we buy carpets for our properties what are the main things we look at? Looks, Feel and of course durability. Carpets can be an expensive addition to your household and of course you want the best carpets possible for the best prices available. This is why it is important to look after your carpets the best you can. High traffic areas such as Stairs and hallways usually receive the worst of it as they are used often daily. Premium clean can help to maintain and keep your carpets looking, smelling and feeling like new for as long as possible. 

Regular deep cleaning of the carpets can help restore the fibres helping them look and feel soft and fluffy for longer. Over time dust, dirt and dead skin particles build up in your carpets fibres, that’s right dead skin and hair is the most commonly found dirt in carpet fibres. A large build up of this can create staining and even flatten the carpet fibres as they fuse together with the dirt particles. Households containing pets and children are more susceptible to staining and spillages so it’s important to have the carpets cleaned as often as possible. Here at premium clean we advise that a deep steam cleaning of your carpets should be performed at least twice a year to help maintain the carpets natural feel. Steam cleaning the carpet allows the fibres to soak in our professional cleaning products at high temperatures softening and loosening the dirt, the powerful suction of our top of the range cleaning machine then sucks all access water and dirt into its tank completely removing it from your property. 

The machine comes fully equipped with two water tanks allowing us to keep the clean water separate from the dirty water. This ensures that we are only cleaning your carpets with clean fresh water at all times. We offer steam carpet cleaning to all carpet types and we charge per room. Stain removal is included in the steam cleaning process. Our fully trained carpet technician will provide all the equipment and cleaning products needed to remove even the most stubborn of stains. We have successfully removed stains such as make-up, pet soiling, grass stains and even oil stains. We have yet to come to a stain that we aren’t able to remove. Once we have finished cleaning we advise to leave the carpets for between 5-24 hours to fully dry, this process can be sped up by leaving windows open where possible to help air flow. Walking on the carpets whilst they are still damp could cause further soiling or damage to the fibres. We can also offer a scotch guarding service for an additional charge that adds an invisible layer to the carpet that will help protect from stains in the future. 

End of tenancy cleaning how Steam carpet cleaning can help?Booking with Premium Clean couldn’t be easier. We have an office with a fully trained, helpful and friendly team of staff waiting for you to get in contact, they can offer free advice and a free no obligation quote. They will always try to get you booked in at a time most convenient for you, including weekends and bank holidays. We operate 7 days a week and are always happy to work around your lifestyle. We offer great availability and many time slots to make it as easy as possible for you to book in. We also offer a re-clean guarantee for all of our cleans to ensure you are fully satisfied with your clean. We can send a technician back if you’re not 100 percent happy if reported within 24 hours of the clean. This is only valid providing you follow all the after care given.  

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