DIY portable potty for camping, glamping, travel

DIY portable potty for camping, glamping, travel

Many people live in the outdoors, and I’m one of them.  As much as I love to go camping, glamping, or even traveling to go hiking or whatnot, I still like having some conveniences, such as my Keurig and a handy dandy portable potty.  They do sell portable potties just about everywhere they sell camping supplies, but I decided to make my own.

The reason I decided to make my own portable potty is because of my back issues.  Most of the potties I found are really low to the ground.  I don’t want to be in a position where I have to call for help to get up.  I go alone when I go camping, glamping, and even when travel to go hiking, about 75% of the time.  The grandkids love to go with me, but when they’re in school and feeling cramped indoors, I make an instant decision to leave.  Right then and there.  I keep everything ready for my next adventure for this reason.  I even keep my portable potty ready with everything I’ll need to be stashed inside of it.

DIY portable potty for camping, glamping, travel

With short potties out of the question, I found a tall 5-gallon bucket at Walmart.  I then found a portable potty seat with a lid on eBay.  I’ve added the links to the lowest-priced ones for your convenience. Also, these can be used by just about anyone traveling.  If you need the best portable toilets for truck drivers, click on the link to learn more. The bucket is less than $3 but of course, if you’d rather have other colors and brands, you will pay more. When I made mine, I had a better selection of buckets from Walmart to choose from.  Other than these 2 supplies, I bought some thick trash bags and doubled them, for the waste.

As I mentioned you have to purchase a 5-gallon bucket for the base.  It’s up to you how much you want to spend or what kind you want.  I decided to go with a bright red bucket because my eyes are not what they used to be and finding the bucket with dim camping lights would be a problem with a light color.  Plus, I liked the funness of the bucket.

Next, I purchased a seat with a lid.  I knew I’d be keeping my portable potty in my tent or yurt so I wouldn’t have to get out at night to find the campsite bathroom.  Seeing as how I go alone a lot of the time, I just feel it’s safer that way.  I could stumble, fall, or anything, and no one would know until daylight that I was out there.  I think ahead of what could happen and I try to be prepared for everything.  The lid snaps onto 5-gallon buckets.  It’s that easy.

DIY portable potty for camping, glamping, travel

Don’t forget to take along your favorite disinfectant wipes to clean the seat after each use.  I always pack up ARM & HAMMER™ Essentials™ Disinfecting Wipes for several reasons.  The canister is a square making it easier to stash away in my weekender tote bag.  The wipes kill 99.9% of viruses & bacteria.  And they provide powerful cleaning  (less harsh chemicals), making it less work on me when I’m trying to rest and rejuvenate with nature.

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DIY portable potty for camping, glamping, travel

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  1. I like sleeping in a camper too but I prefer sleeping in a tent because there’s nothing I love more than listening to the night sounds of wildlife. It’s music to my ears. Of course, I like all the perks when I camp in tents, air mattresses, staying where they offer wireless, electricity, water, a shower, etc, lol.

  2. This is awesome, great idea. My husband and I are thinking about getting a camper. I am super excited to go camping but I like to sleep in a camper.

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