Simple Ways to Improve Your Living Space

Simple Ways to Improve Your Living Space

Want to improve your living space? There are a few simple ways to do that. 

From painting, art, and lighting, to furniture, walls, and accessories, following these tips will help you have a better living space.  

Let’s get into them.

Declutter By Using A Storage Unit

One way you can improve your living conditions is by decluttering your room. Give yourself the space to think and breathe. Studies show that a clean, spacious room actually helps with your overall mood and mental health.

Effective decluttering is tougher than you think. Most flats in the UK cannot accommodate all your belongings. There is always a bit of help involved – whether it is leaving items in your childhood home or renting a storage unit. With 1 in 10 households using storage facilities, there is no doubt it has become a staple for most people.

When you are finished decluttering, move the items you don’t necessarily need to your unit. Get the best of both worlds by freeing up much-needed space while keeping the majority of your items to boot.

Whether you are looking for a self storage facility in Brighton for your seaside sports equipment or a unit in Edinburgh for your golf clubs – you are sure to find something

Paint Your Space 

Changing the color can drastically change the way you perceive your space. 

When painting, don’t choose darker colors. If you do, the space will look a lot smaller than it is. Choose bright colors instead. Great wall colors include cream, white, and beige. 

If you’re not sure how to paint or what paint to choose, get some help from Denver interior painting experts.  

Put Up Artworks 

To add a personal touch, buy and put up some artwork. Paintings and sculptures are great choices. 

You don’t need to spend much, either. You can create your own piece of modern art and frame it yourself. 

Change the Lighting 

To complement the wall colors and the artwork you put up, change the lighting. 

Your living space’s lighting can affect your emotions and overall perception of the space. Make sure you have various options, so you can change the lighting depending on the time of the day.

Take some time to improve the lighting, and you’ll see it change your living space dramatically. 

Rearrange or Add Furniture 

Choosing the right sofas, chairs, and drawers can also improve your living space.

The right piece of furniture can give a more comfortable ambiance, add more personality, and attune your living space to your preferences. 

If you’re on a budget, you can up-cycle old tables or chairs instead of buying new ones. Paint, fix, or repurpose them and get creative!

Utilize Wall Spaces

Take a look around and see how much wall space you don’t utilize. You can use that space to add more storage, style, and sophistication.

To utilize wall spaces effectively, you can add floating shelves, racks, hooks, crates, and more. These things are simple and easy to set up. 

Organize Cords

Don’t you just hate it when you see those annoying cords that clutter your space? You can fix this by getting rid of or organizing these cords. 

You can use decorative tapes or clips to hold them together. Keep them in boxes or crates to contain and organize cords, and you’ll never lose them. 

Don’t Forget Accessories 

Placing different decorations and accessories in your space can give you a lot of satisfaction. 

There are many accessories you can choose from. Here are some of them: 

Throw Pillows 

Adding throw pillows will uplift and energize your space. If you have dull-colored walls, a nice variety of throw pillows can add a splash of life.

  • Use patterns 
  • Use different colors
  • Use different styles

If you can, match the patterns of your pillows with the existing fixtures, like ottomans and lighting. 


Flowers also instantly improve the ambiance and add more personality to your living space. They purify the air as well as uplift people’s wellbeing

Daffodils and poinsettia plants are great choices, among many others. 

Framed Photos 

If you’re not into flowers, figurines, or paintings, framed photos might be more to your liking. 

Although framed photos are often underappreciated in this day and age, they make homes personal and authentic.  

So, start printing those lovely shots and buy nice frames for them. Hang them on the walls or place them on top of drawers and cabinets.

Lastly, when arranging these accessories in your house, don’t forget the rule of threes: one looks boring, five is too much. Grouping things in threes feels just right. 

Three decorations make smart use of accessories without junking up your space. 

Improve Your Living Space Today

The quality of our living space affects the quality of our lives. So, follow these simple tips today and start improving your life now. 

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