How to Take Care of Thin Hair: 5 Things You Need to Do

How to Take Care of Thin Hair: 5 Things You Need to Do

Do you need to learn how to take care of thin hair? Thin hair can look greasy and heavy if you don’t take care of it. New cuts and styles work to give listless hair a boost!

Good tips for thin hair and thin hair care are everywhere. From how to thicken hair to extensions for thin hair, you need to find the best thin hair tips! Read on for five things you need to do in order to take care of thin hair!

1. Get a Haircut

Get a haircut that works with your fine hair! There are many options that can enhance fine hair, adding movement, dimension, and volume! One of the best haircuts for fine hair is the always classic bob!

Keeping fine hair shorter is the key to keeping split-ends to a minimum. A shorter style also makes your hair look fuller. You don’t want to add too many layers, as that can make the ends look thin.

2. Texture Your Hair

Here’s what you do for some quick texture and volume in your hair. Grab your curling wand and wrap about inch-long sections of your hair around the barrel, alternating facing away and facing towards your face, start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Remember to heat protect your hair before you start, though!

3. Add Body

The trick is to use a round brush while blow-drying. Wait until your hair is mostly dry, then gently work the brush through your hair. Since metal heats up quickly and can damage your hair, get a round brush that mixes nylon and boar bristles.

Get yourself some bangs to help with the illusion of fullness. There are several styles of bangs to choose from! Such as side-swept, fringe, or blunt bangs.

You should try and avoid silicone-based and leave-in conditioners, which can weigh down your hair. It’s better to use products like mousse for volume. Dry shampoo is also a must!

4. Faking It

There are a few ways you can make your hair look thicker. You can add highlights and lowlights to add dimension shadowy lowlights to add depth! And there’s always extensions for fine hair to add actual thickness!

5. The Day After

With fine hair, it’s best to skip a wash day if you aren’t working up a sweat. Just brush in some dry shampoo so soak up excess oils, but make sure to use one that works best for your hair color. You don’t want your locks to look like you dumped flour over your head!

How to Take Care of Thin Hair

Knowing how to take care of thin hair is important! Using good products in your hair, getting a good haircut and style can go a long way towards making your thin hair look amazing! Always check with your stylist if you have questions!

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