How Higher Education Can Improve Your Quality of Life

How Higher Education Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Everyone measures “quality of life” in a completely different way. It’s such a subjective measure of happiness and contentedness that it can be difficult to pin down the factors that contribute to a truly happy and full life. But generally speaking, we can attribute a good quality of living to things such as financial security, job satisfaction, family life, relationships, and health and safety. So, for now, let’s focus on the first two factors listed – financial security and job satisfaction. These tend to be a whole lot easier to control than personal relations and the chance that comes hand in hand with health and safety. So, how can we encourage success in these areas of our lives? Well, higher education can definitely help you along the way. Here are a few things that higher education can endow you with!

A Brand New Skillset

Perhaps the best thing to come from higher education is the knowledge and skillsets that the courses endow you with. This will vary greatly from one degree to another. An online accredited mba program in engineering, for example, will expand your mathematic and scientific knowledge, training you in specific areas that can bring this information to practical use, such as aerodynamics, mechanics, or geotechnics. A degree in literature will expand your communicative and analytical skills, priming you for positions in public relations or journalism. If you have an idea of the role you’d like to pursue already, consult a careers advisor who will be able to direct you towards the best course to give you everything that you need to move forward.

Improved Employability

While this new skill set can come in handy in all sorts of areas of life, the best outcome is perhaps your improved employability. If you speak to recruitment agencies or individuals who are searching for new members of staff within their company, they will generally note that they prefer individuals with qualifications on their resumes. In fact, for most higher positions, individuals with qualifications are the only candidates who will be seriously considered.

Increased Earning Potential

It is entirely feasible to earn a comfortable living without earning a degree. However, various studies have been relatively consistent in their findings that graduates are likely to earn significantly more money than those who have not earned a baccalaureate. In fact, the pay gap between college grads and those without a degree has reached an all-time high. It is estimated that college grads earn around 56% more than high school grads. While money isn’t everything in life, it is a major factor when it comes to your quality of living. The more money you have, the better quality of life you can generally afford. You will be able to live comfortably, eat well, have preferable health insurance policies, and engage with more leisure activities. So, having a higher level of education really can pay off!

As you can see, higher education can open your mind to new information at the same time as opening doors to more and better-paid jobs. So why wait? Start taking a look at courses today!

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