How to Choose a Rug That Perfectly Matches Every Room

How to Choose a Rug That Perfectly Matches Every Room

How to Choose a Rug That Perfectly Matches Every Room

Did you know that Dhurrie rugs are expected to be one of the biggest carpet and rug trends of 2020? But how do you really know if that trend or any type of rug is really the right choice for your space?

Choosing a rug is as simple as understanding how size, color, pattern and texture work in a space. Here’s how to choose a rug that will look like it was handpicked by a pro.

How to Choose a Rug Step 1: Getting the Size Right

Rug size is the difference between w room that looks chic and a room that looks shabby. Like clothes, it’s important to understand that just because a certain size rug looks good in someone else’s room, doesn’t mean it will look good in your room.

Living Room Rugs — Think of your area rug as the glue that brings the seating area together. The rug should be large enough that at least two of the legs of all of the seating in space can sit comfortably on the rug.

Ensure that you get a rug that is big enough to allow for a one-foot (minimum) walking space between the seating area and the coffee table. Leave another foot between the walls and the edge of your rug.

Dining Room Rug — Leave enough space so that chairs never need to leave the area of the rug. leave at least two feet of rug space around your dining room table.

Bedroom Rug — Area rugs will ideally hold the whole bed and any nightstands, along with two to three feet of the rug on each side of the bed. Also, consider using runners on each side of the bed if an area rug is out of the budget. Or, consider a rug that least fits under two-thirds of the bed, and still allows for the extra space for feet on either side.

How to Choose a Rug Step 2: Choosing Color, Pattern, and Texture

The first step is to ask yourself what type of feeling you want to create in a space. Are you going to a peaceful spa vibe? Or an energetic impression that inspires productivity? Nailing down the feeling you want to create is the essential first step choosing the right colors, patterns and textures for any items in a room.

Next, you’ll want to consider what the existing finishes in the room are like. What colors and shapes stand out in the curtains, throw pillows and lighting? What kind of materials is the furniture made of?

Identify the room’s style. This can be more or less obvious in some rooms. For example, a room that’s perfectly designed to fit a mid-century modern theme leaves little room for guessing when it comes to what colors and patterns you should be looking for. However, a room that is less defined and has elements of traditional, boho or even Morrocan themes, might do well with antique oriental rugs.

When it comes to how to choose a rug color, what colors will best serve the feeling you’re going for? If you have a room that’s already colorful and packed with patterns, a neutral color might be the most complimentary.

However, a room that lacks color and has a more neutral pallet, might benefit from a rug with some color and pattern. Know what the focal point of your room is, and ensure that the rug works with it, and doesn’t compete for attention.

Choosing a Rug in Two Simple Steps

The crazy amount of rug options available today is much less overwhelming when you think about how to choose a rug in two simple steps.

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