Level Up Your Home: 3 Interior Design Tips You Need to Know for 2019

Level Up Your Home: 3 Interior Design Tips You Need to Know for 2019

If you still live in the same house you’ve had for years, chances are it hasn’t changed much. If so, you’re like nearly 50 percent of other homeowners who haven’t changed their decor in recent years.

We get it, it’s hard to part ways with something that’s made you feel at home for so long. But with the right interior design tips, you’ll find that redecorating isn’t so bad.

Interior Design Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

You refresh things like your wardrobe quite often. Why not start refreshing your home in small ways that can make a big difference? Take a look at these design tips and tricks to help get you started.

1. Brighten and Enlarge a Room

Moving because you don’t like the size of a room isn’t always something that’s workable. But if you’re unhappy with how small a room feels, don’t stress.

Color can make a significant impact on how open or large a room feels. Dark colors make a room feel closed in and might even make it feel heavy. Using lighter, softer colors such as pastel will create an airier feeling.

Mirror, too, can impact how your eyes see the room. It bounces light around, and can even mimic windows in a way.

2. Mix and Match

When it comes to furniture and accents, it’s easy to go wrong. Too much texture and the eyes don’t know where to look. But too little makes the room feel stark or lacking in character.

Mixing and matching textures in a room give everything a good balance. Leather, weather-worn looks, and even smooth fabrics can go together to create the right look.

Textures and patterns can be difficult to figure out, though. Not everyone thinks they have an eye for these things. Niki Schafer Interior Design offers workshops for those who want a little help. You can learn everything about color, interior design, and much more.

3. Living Room Space

Living rooms are often the largest rooms in the house. The reason is that, next to the dining area, it’s the most used space. Oftentimes, this can leave the living room sparse because you don’t know how to decorate it.

One great tip from Chicago interior designers for interior design in the living room is to use rugs. Rugs can help draw the eyes into a focal point of the room, making it less large. They’re also a great idea for rooms with hardwood floors.

When using rugs, you have some room for expression. Get several rugs, if you wish, or one large one. You can mix and match the colors, or get the same theme but different tones.

Patterns aren’t off limits here, either.

More Home Advice

Our homes should be our comfort zones; there when we need a break from the world. We hope these interior design tips inspire you to create a fresher version of your comfort zone.

Do you feel like you have a good sense of fashion when it comes to clothing? With these tips, you can bring that sense of fashion into your home.

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