How To Decide Between A Fire Curtain And A Fire Shutter

How To Decide Between A Fire Curtain And A Fire Shutter

Fire can be deadly. The media gives plenty of attention to the ferocious bush fires that ravage the country. However, the fact that at least 50 people die of house fires a year is often overlooked. This is actually more than bush fires kill.

In short, if you haven’t devised a fire escape plan then you should do one today. All you have to do is create an escape route from each of the habitable rooms in your home. Ideally, you should have two escape routes, helping to ensure everyone gets to safety.

Investigating fire escape routes will undoubtedly lead you to fire safety equipment, such as these excellent fire shutters. But, it will also raise a few questions, such as the difference between a fire curtain and a shutter.

The Fire Curtain

A fire curtain is fitted to the ceiling. This makes it almost invisible. It can be connected to your smoke detectors or run from its own detectors. The principle behind the fire curtain is that it will drop into place when a fire is detected. 

It is also possible to get manual versions of the fire curtain. Fire curtains are generally made of glass fiber reinforced with steel wire. This makes it light and easy to maneuver if you have to manually position it. 

The fire curtain should help to contain a fire for up to two hours. In short, the curtain is impervious to the heat and the flames, preventing the fire from escaping. Of course, it does eventually succumb. But, two hours should be enough time for you to get out or get the emergency services to your home.

The Fire Shutter

One of the biggest disadvantages of the fire curtain is that it doesn’t create a physical barrier. That means people can inadvertently go through it or heavy pieces of building and furniture can disrupt it. If these warp the shape its possible air gaps will appear at the side, allowing the fire out.

The fire shutter addresses this concern.

Like the fire curtain, these are normally fitted to the ceiling. They will also drop automatically as soon as a fire is detected. This type of product is not usually positioned manually as it is much heavier than the fire curtain.

However, the fire shutter gives protection to an area for up to four hours and prevents people from getting past. It’s a better security level.

You should note that both of these products can be used to help contain a fire, allowing you a safe exit route. They can also be used to protect important goods. Surrounding a room with fire shutters will stop the fire from getting to anything sensitive for up to four hours. It’s likely the fire will have been dealt with by then.

The question is what are you protecting from fire. Knowing the answer to this will help you decide which is the most appropriate device for you.

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