Sale on Cubii Plus New Total Body Plus Machine

Sale on Cubii Plus New Total Body Plus Machine

Health and fitness are two things I’m passionate about.  I’m getting older and I’ve become a lot more serious about these than I was in my younger years.  I wish I could do over my young adult self.  I would do a lot of things differently.  Unfortunately at this stage in my life, all I can do is try to live my healthiest life day to day.

I found Cubii online when I was looking for a gift for a friend who wanted something she could use to work out while being a stay-at-home mom.  I thought a Cubii would be perfect for her because she can use it while folding laundry, writing out checks for the bills, or watching kiddie movies with her kids.

Right now there is a 4th of July sale going on at Cubii that I don’t want you to miss out on. This sale ends on 7/7/2022 so hurry on over and take advantage of these incredible savings.

$60 off $300+ with code 60offjulysale

$30 off $200+ with code 30offjulysale

$5 off $50+ with code 5offjulysale

There’s a new kid in town. A total body Cubii and it’s perfect for those who have a little more time than it would take to use a regular Cubii and for those who want upper and lower body workouts. The total body Cubii is available at the below link provided. As with all Cubii’s it can also slide under a desk for use when working online, reading a good novel, surfing Facebook, or whatever your favorite social media site is.  For me, it’s YouTube. I live on YouTube.

This sale does not apply to the new Total Body+ Cubii.  You can purchase this particular Cubii at

You can also take studio classes at Cubii studio.   I don’t know where else you’d be able to take online classes for less than $10 a month.

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