Innovation wins the day for Florence Leather Market

Innovation wins the day for Florence Leather Market

Florence Leather Market is world-famous for its handmade genuine leather products which they produce in Tuscany, Italy. They produce a range of top-quality leather products which got them the recognition of being a global leader in the industry. High-quality products coupled with their excellent client service sets them apart from their competitors.

What should I Buy a Backpack or Shoulder Bag?

Many women are in a quandary when they have to choose between buying a shoulder bag or a backpack. They have to ask themselves questions like: when do I feel more at ease, do I want to look younger and sporty or classy and elegant. Their personality many times determines their choice between buying a backpack or a shoulder bag. Let’s compare the two, to evaluate their advantages: The backpack portrays a certain style and gives anyone wearing them an aura of youthfulness and being carefree. The great advantages lie in the ability to carry more with you, in particular, things like a tablet, books, and more while always having your hands free. The shoulder bag is more elegant and looks feminine, while in the larger formats, can be more versatile in its use. It can also be used during the day or evening. It can be used with shoulder straps or handles.

Innovation wins the day for Florence Leather Market

Convertible Leather Bag

The good news is, that Florence with their innovative designs and intimate knowledge of what their clients want and need, came up with a design which features a leather convertible backpack. This convertible backpack is made of genuine calf leather and can easily convert into an elegant shoulder bag. It has a strong rigid structure and consists of two large compartments with an inner zip. In one compartment, there is a smaller pocket. On the outsides, there is are two zip pockets, one at the front and one at the back. This backpack which comes in various different colors to suit any personality and preference is very useful with its spaciousness and different compartments. Its greatest value lies in the fact that no woman needs to choose between buying either a shoulder bag or a backpack anymore, the versatile leather convertible backpack can be carried as a handbag, shoulder bag, or backpack. Whatever your mood, this wonderful product will be ready for it. It features an original elegant design and is a handmade leather product from Florence Leather Market in Italy.

Innovation wins the day for Florence Leather Market

How to buy

The best news is that it is so easy to get your own leather convertible handbag in genuine Italian calf leather, it is just a click away. Visit the online store at and browse the site which is client-friendly and easy to navigate. Once you have decided on an item add it to your cart and arrange for it to be shipped to you. There are various payment options available on the site. The shopping experience is designed to be easy and convenient. Buying your convertible leather backpack will be a decision which you won’t regret and its versatility will suit any occasion.”

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