Know More About Real Diamond Cuts at

Know More About Real Diamond Cuts at

Know More About Real Diamond Cuts at

As we all know diamonds and gold never lose their worth. You can have them for as long as you want, their worth will still be the same. So, if you’re thinking about buying someone a present, choose this jewel. They last forever. People go for them when they want to show some big gesture. They used them for proposals mostly. 

Everyone dreams of possessing one. It doesn’t matter which size the jewel will be. It can be quite small. That doesn’t mean that it’s cheap. However, you should be really careful when choosing which diamond cut to buy. You should know how to tell which ones are fake. Many jewelers will try to scam you. So, you have to learn some tricks. Browsing through the internet will give you some valuable information on this subject. You should check out this link

The fog test

This type of assessment is probably the easiest one. You don’t need any equipment at all. You can try this even at the store before buying the diamond. That way you can stop the jeweler from selling you fake products. The way to do this examination is by simply fogging the jewel with your breath. You can tell that it’s real, if the fog clears up quickly. However, if it stays a bit longer, it’s definitely a fake. If you know this trick, you are safe. 

Setting and mount

When you see a diamond on a ring, you don’t want it to be next to some cheap materials. Jewelers don’t like putting expensive stones on a poorly made and cheap setting. Everything has to be high quality. This stone is mostly set in white or yellow gold and platinum. Inside the ring, there are always some marks. They tell you important details. So, you should always look closely. If you see the letters C.Z., the jewel isn’t a diamond. It’s a cubic zirconia.

Scratch test

Know More About Real Diamond Cuts at

While doing your research on this jewel, you might have come across something about its strength. It is one of the strongest materials. It can even cut through glass. To do this appraisal, you would have to get a plate glass. Then, you only have to scratch it with the loose diamond. It is so simple. You have to be careful not to damage the gemstone in the process. If it’s real, you will see scratch marks on the glass. You could learn more about this on . Experts don’t recommend this type of test. 

Black light

You could also try this type of test. You would have to have a black light of course. The first step is to turn off the lights. Then, bring the gemstone in front of the black light. The majority of diamonds have blue fluorescence. If the jewel gives off any other color, you have been tricked. However, there are sometimes exceptions to this rule. Some diamonds simply don’t glow under a black or UV light. So, this is also not so reliable. 

The Loupe test

If you want to be more through, you could do this assessment. You only need a loupe. You can find it at any jeweler’s store. You could also bring your own, if you have one. But, before doing anything, you have to know what to look for. It’s a fact that mined gemstones have imperfections. They are called inclusions. You should look for some changes in color. Also, sometimes the stone has some spots of minerals. If you don’t like this type of test, you could find out other ways to do it here.

However, it is not unusual for a real diamond to be truly perfect. You may not see any inclusions. So, you shouldn’t rely only on this test. Experts advise you to try to combine more tests to make sure that the thing you’re buying it’s worth its price. You could try to weigh the jewel with a very sensitive scale. There is also a floating test you could try. You don’t want to purchase a fake gemstone. The person that will receive the gift may feel offended. So, you have to make sure it’s the real deal.


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