The Top 6 Musical Instruments For Children To Learn

The Top 6 Musical Instruments For Children To Learn

Learning a musical instrument has long been seen as a crucial part of children’s development, helping them to learn discipline, responsibility and perseverance whilst providing them with a rewarding and pleasurable hobby which they can take with them throughout their lives. If you’re thinking of encouraging your child to learn an instrument then here are 6 of the most popular. 

  1. The piano
    The most popular instrument that children tend to learn is the piano. The piano is a great instrument for children to learn because it underpins so much of other music and can help them to pick up other instruments in the future. The piano is also popular with young children as it is very easy to pick up, starting with simple scales and the pressing of one ket after another before progressing to more complex chords and combinations. From electric keyboards to Steinway Model B Pianos there are a number of different options when choosing an instrument for your child to learn on with options to suit every budget and space.
  2. The guitar
    After the piano, the guitar is the next most popular instrument for children to learn. With options such as acoustic, bass and electric, there’s a style of guitar to suit most children’s personalities and once you have mastered one you can often transfer skills to another. Children can quite often learn their favourite songs on the guitar quite easily making it easier to keep them interested in the instrument, and they’ll be improving their manual dexterity while they’re at it too.
  3. The drums
    Perhaps not one of many parents first choices, the drums are a great instrument if you have somewhere suitable for your child to practice them. A great option for children with pent up energy, aggression or anxiety, the drums will help teach children rhythm which is vital across all areas of music. For parents who are worried about the noise, there are now a number of electronic drum kit options which can be played through headphones keeping both siblings and neighbours happy.
  4. The recorder
    The easiest of the woodwinds to pick up the recorder is a popular instrument for children who want to start learning an instrument at a young age and is a great way to introduce them to more complex instruments such as the flute or clarinet. Portable, small and inexpensive the recorder relies on a simple fingering system and is a great option for small hands.
  5. The violin
    One of the harder instruments to master the violin requires a steep learning curve and is often more suited to slightly older children who can pick up the manual coordination and the inner ear intonation that this instrument needs, at the same time.
  6. The saxophone
    The saxophone is a versatile instrument which is used in many genres. There are a number of different size saxophones including soprano, alto, tenor and baritone, and it can be a great option for children who have also learnt the flute or clarinet due to some obvious crossovers .

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