Make Ocean City Your Next Thrill Destination. Here’s Why?

Make Ocean City Your Next Thrill Destination. Here's Why?

Oceans City has an abundance of life for every thrill seeker. Whether for your romantic getaway, family holiday, or a solo escape, the 10-mile beach city is full of activities to make you unwind.

There are over 8 million people on vacay in Ocean City every year. The number keeps growing and here’s why. The city boasts breathtaking landmarks that can make any heart race.

Below are prominent places that make Ocean City the dream of every traveler.

Make Ocean City Your Next Thrill Destination. Here's Why?

  1. Ocean City Beach

The beachside fun makes Oceans City the destination for all. From the time the sun strolls in from the Atlantic to the moment it retires into the far waterside, and the breezy waves that come in the company of the bright night moon, a time out on the 10-mile white sandy beach with family and friends will be memorable and second to none.

If you are a fan of water adventure, from fishing, swimming to canoeing and kayaking, you can’t just have enough here.

  1. Northside Park

Seated on a 58-acres landmass, the Northside park is one of the largest parks in Ocean City. It houses the most captivating amusements that ocean city has to offer. You will also find ocean city house rentals close to Northside park. There are also a handful of hotels for tourists you might want to check out.

Northside Park houses a 21,000 square foot multi-sport complex, you and your family can take part in some of the many sports. Playgrounds, picnic areas, fishing lagoon, soccer, and softball field are some of its attractions that never cease to bubble. What else can you think of? You are likely to find it here.

  1. Ocean City Boardwalk

A look at the boardwalk, you will quickly see why it is ranked as one of America’s favorites. Ocean City Boardwalk is all-time ready to take your skateboard showdown and roller skates fury. Also, don’t forget to try out your hand at one of the arcades.

If you’ve got a crush on French fries, grab a bite at the popular Thrasher’s french fries. You will appreciate their vinegar-served fries. And if you’ve got a sweet tooth, there’s more than a handful of beachside eateries and kitchens ready to satisfy your cravings.

  1. The Historical Trimper’s Carousel

Your visit to Atlantic Avenue isn’t complete without touring Trimper’s Carousel, a century-old hand-carved work of art dated back to 1912.

The sight of over 45 diligently hand-carved wooden animals and chariots is a great one to behold. You don’t want to miss that, and your family will be delighted to ride on them.

If you want it to be fast and witty, there’s a rollercoaster ride just beside it to make your world lightning fast.

  1. Jolly Roger’s Park

Looking for the perfect location for you and your family to cool off in Ocean City? Jolly Rogers Splash Mountain Water park is your go-to.

Welcome to the haven of wet-n-wild fun. Speed around the go-kart tracks at Speedworld or defy gravity in the exhilarating AquaLoop. Or race the waterslides in a family challenge. Jolly Roger’s  Park is the way for adrenaline junkies.


From the beach to the bars, parks, and restaurants, Ocean City has more than enough to quench the thirst of any adventurous trippers. As you plan your next trip down, never forget your accommodation because you will need one. And if you don’t know, life at the beach is fun-filled.

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