Permanent makeup – What you must know

Permanent makeup – What you must know

Permanent makeup – What you must know

The world of fashion and makeup is a dynamic world. The trends are changing and so are the styles. Of late, the concept of permanent makeup has caught the attention of not just the celebrities but of the common people as well. 

However, there is a taboo to it, and it is the very word “permanent.” While few “pause and think twice” because of the concept of it being permanent, the ones that do not care about it just go ahead with it.

In this write-up, let us highlight the essential aspects of permanent makeup that you must take into account if you are planning to go ahead with it. So, read on for better insight. 

Permanent makeup – How does it work?

Also, referred to as micropigmentation, it is a procedure in which iron oxide that is contained in pen is used to draw up tattoos on the skin. And this so-called “mashup” gives you the look of makeup.

Interestingly, when it comes to permanent makeup, it is not just about tattoos, you can make your eyebrows look fuller and thicker, or you can have a tattoo done that will look like eyeliner. So, you can use permanent makeup or tattoo to camouflage a number of looks

Permanent makeup – What you must know

When must you go for permanent makeup?

According to experts or professionals skilled in permanent cosmetics Calgary clinics usually are of the opinion that you must opt for if you are suffering from “physical limitations.”

What do physical limitations usually mean? Usually, people suffering from arthritis or disorders that prevent them from carrying out their normal makeup regime find this process immensely helpful. It is because once you get it done, you can forget about the traditional makeup. 

Is it really permanent?  

Regardless of whether you are using tattoo to camouflage thicker eyebrows or eyeliners, remember, permanent means oftentimes it is difficult to remove the ink completely. Aside from it being a painful process if you want to remove the makeup, a lot of money goes into the removal procedure as well. 

Most importantly, remember that as skin cells regrow and shed and are replaced with time, the intensity of ink you use in permanent makeup usually fades with time. However, unlike traditional makeup which you can remove with makeup removers, you cannot remove permanent makeup. 

Zeroing on the right practitioner

Settling for the right practitioner and clinic is crucial. It is, after all, a matter of safety and you just cannot play around with your face or risk side effects, if any. Few questions that you must seek before settling for a reliable service provider include-

  • Check credentials of the service provider
  • Number of years of operation in this business
  • Client testimonials
  • Feedback and reviews of earlier patients 

Preparation for permanent makeup

Before visiting the clinic for undergoing permanent makeup, you will have to follow a few instructions that your medical professional will provide before performing the procedure on you.

The instructions will usually include details like what medicines you must avoid before undergoing the procedure, food products or beverage that you must not take. Also, you cannot apply certain ointments or creams prior to the permanent makeup session. 

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