Steps To Prevent Hearing Loss In The Future

Steps To Prevent Hearing Loss In The Future

It’s all too easy to overlook our hearing until it’s gone, but once it is damaged, it’s gone for good. Common causes of hearing loss include loud working environments or loud leisure pursuits; loud music, especially when listened to on headphones; and the use of cotton earbuds. In fact, even taking certain medications can lead to hearing impairment.

Use Earplugs

If you work in an environment that is so loud that you have to shout to be heard by the person next to you, make sure you wear earplugs or ear protectors. Your employer should provide ear protectors but, if not, there are inexpensive buds that could prevent hearing loss. Hearing loss at work is commonly caused by working in close proximity to loud machinery, power tools, or working around loud music.

Steps To Prevent Hearing Loss In The Future

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Limit Headphone And Earbud Use

Headphones and earbuds are commonplace and used by people of all ages, but their improper use can lead to hearing damage. Experts advise adopting a 60/60 rule, which means using these devices to listen to music for no more than 60 minutes a day and at 60% volume. Consider using headphones, rather than earbuds, too, because buds are located right next to the eardrum once inserted and used.

Let Your Ears Recover

Research suggests that the ears need approximately 16 hours to recover from a single night out listening to loud music. Try to engage in activities that won’t worsen the problem, during this time, so take the time to sit and read. If you do end up watching TV, have it on a low volume otherwise you could exacerbate the problem. 

During social events, such as concerts or even a loud bar, try to take some time away from the loud music periodically through the night. This will aid in the recovery process.

Avoid Cotton Ear Buds

A lot of people use cotton ear buds to clear wax out of their ear. You should stop doing this. Wax is a naturally forming defense for the ear, which helps clear out dust and dirt. Removing all the wax in your ear leaves you susceptible to damage from dirt, and it can also leave you more prone to bacterial infection in the ear. Use a damp towel or an war wax removal solution to remove excess wax, if necessary.

Do Some Exercise

That’s right, doing some exercise could prevent you from having to wear hearing aids in the future. Cardio exercise, which includes activities like running and cycling, promotes a healthy flow of blood around the body. This gets blood pumping to the ears, which enables them to work at their most effective.

Get Regular Checkups

The ears are a sensitive part of the human anatomy. They can become easily damaged, but some good general care tips could prevent the onslaught of poor hearing. Regular checkups will enable you to identify any minor problems before they become a major issue. Regular hearing tests enable you to compare results to previous tests so that you will be able to identify any gradual degradation in hearing too.  

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