When Is The Right Time To Buy Your Wedding Bands?

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You’ve finally said yes to your man’s marriage proposal, and now it’s time to think about the wedding itself, including the wedding bands. 

When it comes to wedding planning, things can get hectic sooner than you’d hoped for. Having your plans set before you as soon as possible can make for a smoother ride and when it comes to making important decisions impacting the big day, things can suddenly become much easier. 

This is why within this article, we will outline the best time to buy your wedding bands. Still searching for a wedding band for your partner? Then try the mens wedding rings by Ringleaders. There you will find a beautiful selection of unique wedding rings for men that are high quality. They also come at competitive prices so with over 120 styles for your man’s wedding band, you will be spoilt for choice and stay within budget too. Not only that, but they can customise to your exact specifications and requirements. 

When Is The Right Time To Buy Your Wedding Bands?

Image Source:  Pexels

The Best Time To Buy The Wedding Bands 

Even though this is one of the smaller details, it makes up a bigger picture as this will be the part of the wedding day that will actually last as long as you both do. Moreover, this small amount of detail should be given much thought including deciding the time you should begin to shop for it. 

Don’t Cut It Too Close 

Some brides leave it till only a month before their big date. However, this can lead to extra stress as you won’t have time for alterations. What if they don’t have his size in stock? What if you want an engraving and due to the season, things are busier for your desired jeweller and the waiting time is longer? All these things you should take into consideration when buying your partner’s wedding band. If you already have your eye on something that’s in stock, this can be easier. But if you want to alter it in any way, more time is needed. 

We Recommend 3-4 Months Before The Wedding 

When Is The Right Time To Buy Your Wedding Bands?

Image Source:  Pexels

At least 3 to 4 months is a good time to start shopping around and getting an idea of what you want and what your man will love. This way, you will have plenty of time to also get advice and input from those close to him who can confirm his tastes. 

You can wait to make the actual purchase at least 6 weeks before the wedding. Engravings normally take three or more days so ensure there is enough time for that. If you want it customised too this can take roughly one to two months. 

Consider Delivery

It’s also good to be well aware of delivery times. If you are purchasing your band from abroad or an online store, always double check their delivery timeframes. Also, as you haven’t seen it in the flesh, you are going to want to check their returns policy and how long that might take. 

Putting all of these elements into consideration make you want to get this done as early as possible to ensure things don’t get too stressful. This way, you can give your attention to bigger wedding arrangements and logistics.