Prepare For the Summer – DIY Home Gym in 4 Easy Steps

Prepare For the Summer - DIY Home Gym in 4 Easy Steps

Every time before the summer, a lot of people start paying extra attention to their looks. They go to the tanning salons, visit a hairdresser more frequently and already know where they’ll travel. Besides these things, we also get very self-conscious about our weight and muscle tone.

That is all something we can solve with dedication and an appropriate diet plan in combination with exercise. However, going to a public place like a gym to work out is terrifying to most and they quickly decide to give up. Even though you can overcome this type of anxiety, you may need more time than it’s left until the summer arrives.

Therefore, here are some easy steps how to create a DIY gym at home and get ready for the season ahead.

  • Choose the right space

If you have an extra room to turn it completely into a gym, make sure that you don’t plan it for anything else. Space will have to be remodeled and decorated if you want to have a real gym feel. If you have a small apartment, you can still have your workout space, only in a more modest manner.

You will probably have to remove certain items from the apartment or close the balcony with glass windows for extra room. However, space is always an excellent excuse for people who plan to exercise at home. They either have enough for the gym but are afraid of the expense, or see their home as too small for bench and weights.

If you have a garden or a backyard, consider placing the gym there. You can DIY build a small structure and use solar panels for electricity, and thus don’t create higher bills. This can be an interesting project for you, and can even help you to get into the perfect shape for some more demanding workouts.

  • Calculate the cost

There is a chance that you may have to build your gym over time, especially if the budget is tight. However, don’t be alarmed by this fact since DIY projects can help you save money, and create appropriate replacements for the manufactured products.

In order to know where you stand, you have to put aside a certain amount of money and it’s important to know the sum. Look at the ads and see the price range of used equipment. Also, find out how much would it cost to prepare the space and then see what you can DIY.

This way, you will be able to anticipate several scenarios, from the one requiring the most to the others needing less money to complete. If you end up with extra money after the gym is done, you can always invest it in clothes, shoes, and accessories for exercise.

  • Clean everything

Before you install equipment and mats in the room, make sure that everything is clean. Wipe the floors, wash the windows and clean the dust and dirt accumulated during the renovation. Most importantly, do all these things regularly in order to keep the space appropriate for everyday workouts.

When you exercise, it is necessary to make sure that room temperature is appropriate and the air is always fresh.  “It is important to have regular maintenance on all types of Air conditioners, as this will keep the unit running at its optimal efficiency and also prolong the life of the Air conditioner,” points out All-Inclusive Air company.

  • Research the equipment

You may think you need all the equipment you usually find in the gym, but actually, that is not the case. Depending on your goals, the equipment will vary and you might even need less space than you thought. If you are unsure what to buy, do some thorough research online and see what experts suggest.

For example, adjustable dumbbells are perfect for small spaces, as are resistance bands. Kettlebells are another fine example of how you won’t need room to exercise. Additionally, these are all types of equipment you can take outside or anywhere else around the house.

Bench and rack will, however, require a designated space. Nevertheless, you can easily dismantle it if necessary when you have guests or organizing a party. Of course, the cardio part can appear problematic, but it actually isn’t.

Fast walking and jogging outside will do, or you can do some aerobic workouts at home. If your budget and space allow it, buy a treadmill or cross trainer for a more dynamic and comfortable atmosphere. Alternatively, simply, opt for HIIT workout regimes that will certainly keep your heartbeat high.

In the end

When there is a will, there is a possibility to succeed. All you may need in the end could be cost-effective and easily obtained, just if you have the determination to change your lifestyle. Exercising is not only about the way we look, but it also takes care of our health.

It keeps us safe from the consequences of stress and produces positive chemicals in our body which boost our mood. It also helps us prevent or mitigate cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental deterioration, and other serious conditions. So, don’t doubt about needing a gym, but find the best DIY way to have it close at hand.    

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