Structure of an informative essay

Structure of an informative essay

Some students have a vision that all essays they have ever written can be considered informative. They think so because each of them provided certain data about the event or concept. Still, they are mistaken, as informative essays have a few features that make them stand out from others. To help you understand them better, we created this guide on informative essay structure. 

First of all, let’s make the definition of an informative essay clear. It is the type of writing that aims to give the most accurate and appropriate information on a certain topic to help a reader get familiar with it for the first time.

The complexity of this essay lies in the selection of the most useful information for the audience, its further analysis, and explanation to a reader in words that are easy to understand. These are the reasons why you need to devote a lot of time to writing such a type of essay. You cannot just tell general things that are already known to the wide circle of readers. Instead, you should get their needs first and then quench their thirst for knowledge with proper facts. If you lack time for collecting information for your informative essay, feel free to consult a cheap reliable essay writing service. The professionals will do that for you in no time. Now, let’s get to the explanation of what the structure of an informative essay actually is.


The purpose of the opening part of an informative essay is to give the reader a general understanding of the topic and hold their attention while leading them to the thesis statement. Here, you can also provide some terminology and introduce a few key phrases that are necessary for the better grasp of your topic. 

Your first paragraph should end with a thesis statement. Keep in mind that it must sound relevant and inform about the urgent issue, but it should not directly persuade a reader about a certain point of view. 

The Body 

Body paragraphs are meant to reveal your topic gradually and show the importance of the issue that you are describing. To make the essay body look more powerful, use one statement or piece of evidence per paragraph and don’t jump to other facts. Do so until you express everything you’d like to say about this very argument. 

If you are not sure whether you can develop the topic on your own, write an outline or ask an essay writing service to do that for you. Students who ask “How can I write my college paper quickly?” often do so, and they succeed in writing more effectively than their classmates. A good outline makes a good paper, while a good paper cannot exist without an outline prepared in advance. So pay attention to this part of the preparation for your essay. And even if you are out of time, make so at least for the essay body. 

The information that you can present in the body can be various: statistical data, quotations of the experts, judgments of people affected by the issue that you tell about, information gathered by the non-governmental organizations, figures from reports of companies that operate in the appropriate sphere, etc. It is up to you to decide which sources to take. but don’t forget to check the information you use and add references. 

The last but not least tip for you to keep in mind is that no personal opinion of yours can be stated in the body paragraphs. Your aim is to make readers familiar with the issue, but not persuade them about what you think with regard to it. 


The main goal of this part of your informative essay is to wrap up the body and the introduction. Here, you should go from specific information to general conclusions and emphasize the necessity of discussing your topic. Briefly state your main points here and then add final thoughts to form a certain impression on the reader. 

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to add any new facts or pieces of evidence here. Also, make sure that your conclusion directly replies to the thesis statement in the introduction. If you have trouble doing so without repeating yourself, don’t hesitate to contact an online paper writing service for help. 

Bonus: Top Tips To Help You Write An Informative Essay


  • Start with brainstorming. If you were not given a specific topic, you have to do preliminary research to find out what issues are the most urgent now, whether they fall within the scope of your class and are interesting for your audience. Once you have collected a few such topics, narrow down one of them that you liked the most to make it precise and possible for revealing in a short essay. 
  • Make your thesis statement sound persuasive before writing. Your essay should develop around a central thought to be powerful and hold the attention of your reader. Hence, try to make it short but clear.
  • Find sources and take notes while reading them. Since you will read a lot of references and sources to gather necessary information, take notes right when you find the fitting facts. Also, write down the title of the source, the author, and the page to be able to go back to it quickly if needed. 
  • Write the body. Compose the body paragraphs first because you already have your notes and thesis that can help you reveal your subject without any distraction on opening and finishing parts.
  • Create a strong introduction and make your conclusion correlate with it. After writing the body, write the conclusion and introduction. And irrespective of the order of writing, remember to make them correspond. 
  • Edit. After the whole essay is written, reread it to detect typos, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Also, pay attention to the way your sentences sound, and if you feel that some constructions are odd, make sure to correct them. 


Writing a fair informative essay is not an easy assignment, even though it seems to be like one at first sight. We did our best to provide you with the most useful tips for generating it on your own. Should you have any questions regarding the essay you are writing, feel free to contact the write my essay service for instant help.  

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