Sugar and Your Health? Zero Calorie Sweeteners to the Rescue

Sugar and Your Health? Zero Calorie Sweeteners to the Rescue

From fruit drinks to flavored yogurt, cookies, cakes, and candy, a lot of people rely on processed food to run their day. Whether to enhance taste or extend shelf life, these foods contain an unexpected amount of added sugar, which contributes a larger proportion to daily calories intake.

The health woes of sugar overconsumption are well documented. Due to the concern of related illnesses, low or zero calories sweeteners are rapidly taking the place of sugar to help people cut down calorie intake without sacrificing their natural urge for sweetness.

If you are hearing about zero calories sweeteners for the first time, they are extremely sweet compounds with almost zero calories. Let’s teach you more.

Say No to Diabetes

Though there are other contributing factors, the association between high sugar consumption and diabetes is a clear one. Obesity, one of the risk factors of diabetes, is caused by overconsumption of added sugar. The long-term effect is that it promotes insulin deficiency, which crippled the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels and leads to abnormal glucose metabolism in the body.

When you take too much sugar for a prolonged period, the blood sugar level rises, putting you at a high risk of diabetes. Zero calories sweeteners provide sweetness without altering insulin production or raising blood sugar in any way. In fact, they are highly recommended sweeteners for people with diabetes. And since they are calorie-free, the concern for weight gain is ruled out.

No Threat of Obesity

The rate of obesity is skyrocketing on a universal scale. Sugary beverages are one of the major causes. Research has shown that people that take juice, soda, and other sweetened beverages are at a higher risk of obesity than people who don’t.

Zero calories sweetener is the way out. Several studies have revealed that zero calorie sweetener can help maintain healthy body weight. If you want to prevent weight gain altogether, using no calories sweeteners in your daily meal is the way.

Good for Your Oral and dental health

High-intake of sugars affects your cavities and gums. When fermented by oral bacteria, it causes tooth decay. This is also linked with the prevalence of periodontal disease in humans. You can avoid the ugly consequences without having to forsake your sense of sweetness.

Zero calories sweeteners are tooth-friendly and non-cariogenic, which means they do not facilitate tooth decay. They are a safer alternative when used in processed food and beverages. According to research published by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), ZCS can help maintain the natural reparative process of the tooth. They enhance mineralization while at the same time decreasing tooth demineralization.


Without an iota of doubt, the love for sweetness is natural in humans. But what happens when this sweetness poses a threat to your health? Stop eating sweet foods? Nope. Look for healthy alternatives.

That’s where zero calories sweeteners come to play. They are healthier and sweeter substitutes for refined and added sugar.

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