Tea Time Mother's Day 2022

I can’t think of anything better than a rainy day and a cup of Mark T. Wendell loose leaf tea.  I’m a daily tea drinker.  This habit started around the time I turned 18.  I had a friend who always had her afternoon tea and it rubbed off on me.  I’ve been having my afternoon (and usually morning too) tea time ever since.

I’m sure I’m not alone in my love for tea which is why I decided to add this company to my Mother’s Day gift guide 2022.  I feel like every woman (or man) needs time to sit and relax at some point during the day or at night.  Having a cup of loose leaf tea with flavors of memories creates more memories.

Today is a rainy day and I tend to drink more tea while I’m sitting at my table watching the rain.  Every time it slacks up, the birds head to the puddles to bathe.  I’ve made a lot of memories while sitting at my table with a good cup of tea. Whether it’s alone or wit good friends.

I have teacups of every kind imaginable.  I love collecting them when I visit thrift stores.  My favorites are thin-rimmed china, ceramic, or porcelain teacups.

I decided to try Mark T Wendell Tea Company tea after this company was recommended to me by a family member.  It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  They have every variety I could ever hope to drink.  I love trying new teas but I also love my favorites.  This company provides it all.


While I do have cups to steep the tea, I wanted to try their tea bags as well for my favorite Royal Albert® Bone China Teacups.

If you love tea, even half as much as I do, I highly recommend this company.  Who knows, you may start your own memories while sipping on steeped tea.  My granddaughters are coming to visit me this weekend and we’re planning to have a tea party.

Mark T. Wendell loose leaf tea

Have you tried this brand of tea before?  If so, what is your favorite blend?  I’d love to try it myself.  I can’t choose a favorite for myself because so far I love all of the blends I wanted to try.  I will enjoy them for months to come.


  1. This is a wonderful selection of teas. I’d love to try the sundown herbal tea!

  2. I’ve been trying to drink more tea and am looking for hiqh quality teas. I’ll check out this company!

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