Fresh Squeezed Broken Top Gift Sets for Mother’s Day 2022

Fresh Squeezed Soy Candle

I’ve been using scent therapy to help me manage my pain since my failed back surgery.  Over the years I’ve bought many candles.  I prefer soy candles because they don’t leave smut on my curtains and walls.  When you burn as many candles as I do, that does become a problem.   I decided to get a few products from Handmade Broken Top Brands online.   I purchase as many products as I can online to save me from making trips to the store every day.

I got several items to try to see if I thought they were worthy of my Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022.  They are. I started with a candle, some perfume, and some linen spray.  I wanted to get the Fresh Squeezed Soy Candle and other items because I love the smell of citrus.  The candle has hints of bergamot, blood orange as well as cedar.  I can’t really tell you how many hours my candle lasted but I will tell you I burned it day and night for almost a full 24 hour 4 day period.  For those that only use candles for a few hours at a time, it’s going to last a long long time.

Fresh Squeezed Broken Top Gift Sets for Mother's Day 2022

I have been using the Fresh Squeezed roll-on perfume daily.  It has such a relaxing scent that I put it on before I even make coffee.  My day starts off calm and relaxed.  Like the candle above, it has hints of bergamot, blood orange, and cedar.   Shake, roll and start your day.

Fresh Squeezed Broken Top Gift Sets for Mother's Day 2022

The last thing I bought is the linen spray. Who doesn’t love falling into a soft fluffy pillow that’s freshly scented?  Again I stuck with the fresh-squeezed scent and while I plan to buy this scent in the future, I’ve already got my eye on some other scents.  I’m sure your mom would love the perfect scent you pick out for her.

Fresh Squeezed Broken Top Gift Sets for Mother's Day 2022

Head on over to Broken Top Brands and let me know which Soy Candle Blend you’d like to try.


  1. I would love to try some of their candles, also the linen spray, this product sounds great.

  2. The products sound wonderful. I’d love to try the roll-on perfume!

  3. These sound like amazing products! I would love to have some of their candles around my house. The roll on perfume sounds great as well.

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