Porcelain Dinnerware Sets Stone + Lain Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Porcelain Dinnerware Sets Stone + Lain Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

Give mom what she really wants for Mother’s Day 2022.  Which is a beautiful and regal-looking porcelain dinnerware set from Stone + Lain.

Porcelain Dinnerware Sets Stone + Lain Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

I love to cook so I welcome gifts that have anything to do with the kitchen.  From floor scrubbing gifts to cabinet cleaning gifts to bakeware and dinnerware.  If I can use it in the kitchen, it’s going to be well-loved and well used.  Based on that, when it comes to giving gifts for any occasion, especially one as dear as Mother’s Day, I look for unique products to help moms out in the kitchen.

I know not everyone feels the same way I do which is why a porcelain dinnerware set from Stone + Lain is perfect for any mom.  She doesn’t have to cook anything elegant to make people think she did.

Porcelain Dinnerware Sets Stone + Lain Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

When I have company, I could serve a grilled cheese on my Stone + Lain dinnerware and I get the most compliments on it.  Everyone seems to focus more on the dinnerware than the actual meal.  Which results in less prep time and more relaxing time.

After a long winter, I decided to change up the colors in my kitchen this year.  I’m going with softer colors that add a splash while toning things down at the same time.  When I saw the Josephine Porcelain Dinnerware Set in a Mint color, I knew what my main color would be.  If you guessed mint, you’d be right.  This particular 16-piece set is considered formal which was what I was going for, so I can use it for a tête-à-tête for 2, everyday glam dining, or a dinner party of 4.

After getting my first product for my new color scheme,  and realizing it’s even more beautiful in person than on the website, I wanted to share this set with you as a Mother’s Day gift suggestion.  Mom will love you for it and she’ll be so impressed that you picked out something formal for her this year.

Which color is your favorite of the Josephine Porcelain Dinnerware Set? Would you consider buying a set for yourself as well?

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  1. Love this set thanks for sharing. Just beautiful.

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