Cigar Faux Pas

Starting in the world of cigars can be a scary experience. There are so many different cuts, sizes, and flavors it’s hard to know what to choose. However, there are set rules that you must and must not do when it comes to knowing how to get the best out of your cigar. 

Cigar Faux Pas

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-Consult a cigar specialist to support you with your first purchases of cigars. Entering the cigar world can be overwhelming due to how many flavors and strengths there are. Diving headfirst and choosing one you think you might like, might not be the right step for you. So best practice is to consult a specialist. 

– Make sure you prepare the cigar for smoking. This may seem like a bizarre thing to do, but for inexperienced cigar smokers, it is the most important step. Some cigars need the end to be cut off to allow the smoke to be pulled through the cigar. 

-Cigars are a luxury item and should be treated as such. Therefore smoking cigars as a cigarette goes against how cigars should be smoked. Smoking cigars is meant to be an enjoyable experience and taking your time, smoking slowly is encouraged. There are different sizes of cigars for this reason too. Thinner cigars are made to allow for quicker smoking, whereas thicker cigars are promoted for a longer smoke. 

Cigar Faux Pas

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Must Not Dos

-When you first start smoking cigars, it is best to not buy the most expensive brands. These brands tend to have a significant flavor and you must know what you like before you buy cigars. 

-Do not buy counterfeit cigars. Just like cigarettes, if you buy counterfeit cigars you don’t know what you are smoking. The taste and the quality of the leaves will be vastly different from the original cigars, and you may end up with a negative view of the brand. A specialist site like Cheap Little Cigars is one of the best places to start looking for cigars.   

-Do not cut your cigar with a knife when preparing it for smoking. It is frowned upon and can damage the cigar to the point of not being able to be smoked. A top tip is to buy a cigar cutter, a specialist cutting tool to get the best out of your cigar by cutting it in the right way. 

-Do not light your cigar with a normal lighter. Cigars light differently from cigarettes and therefore need a different technique to light. Items such as cigar matches are recommended for better lighting. 

-Do not inhale the smoke. Unlike popular beliefs, cigar smoke should not be inhaled the same way as smoking cigarette smoke is. Due to the flavors and the texture of the smoke, the smoke should be held in the mouth for a moment and then blown out. This is to get the most out of the flavors in the leaves. Smoking a cigar is all about the taste. 

Cigar Faux Pas

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By following these simple rules, you should become a professional cigar smoker in next to no time. 

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