Unhealthy Habits That Can Ruin Your Skin

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When it comes to improving your skin condition, there’s much more involved than just a good skin care routine. Cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating, while definitely important, will do very little if you sabotage your own efforts. Although seemingly foolproof, the skincare routine that you carry out will amount to very little if you damage your skin through your own bad behaviors. With that in mind, here are six unhealthy habits that you should avoid for clear and beautiful skin.

Drinking Too Little Water

Everyone knows that drinking plenty of water is crucial for good overall health. However, few people understand the benefits that it offers for your skin too. Like any other organ in your body, your skin is made up of cells, which means that they require water to carry out their functions properly. If you don’t drink enough each day, then your skin will be left tight, dry, and flaky.

Eating Lots Of Sugar

As irresistible as chocolate and other candy may be, it doesn’t do your skin any favors. The reason for this is that sugar breaks down elastin and collagen, which are necessary to maintain supple skin. Excessive sugar intake has also been linked to acne and other skin problem. For this reason, you should limit the sugar in your diet and try eating more green vegetables instead.

Smoking Cigarettes Every Day

Smoking is bad for the whole body, but the effects that it has on your skin are very rarely mentioned. The combination of nicotine, tobacco, smoke, and other factors can all leave your skin thin, wrinkled, and dull. This is where the vape deals at vaping cheap can help. By switching to vaping, instead of smoking, you can slowly reduce your nicotine intake, weaning yourself off it.

Ditching Sunscreen Throughout Winter

Sunscreen may have the word “sun” in the name, but that doesn’t mean that you should ditch this skincare essential on winter’s days. Even when the weather is less than appealing, there are still harmful UV rays present, which can damage your skin and increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Because of this, you should wear sunscreen every time you leave the house.

Staying Up All Hours

No one feels or looks their best after a bad night’s sleep. The reason for this is that your body needs rest to repair itself and rebalance the hydration in your skin. Without this rest, you’ll be left with puffiness, dark circles, and other problems. This is why you should get into healthy sleep habits and aim to get between six and eight hours of sleep each and every night.

Sleeping On Dirty Sheets

As important as it is to sleep, you should never do so on dirty sheets. This is unhygienic and therefore bad for your health, but is just as terrible for your skin, especially when you’re prone to acne. This is because dirty sheets are often full of dust mites, dead skin, and excess oils, which can all block your pores. Changing your sheets weekly, therefore, can improve your skin.

For healthy and beautiful skin, make sure that you avoid these major skincare mistakes.